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Jamie Jones

Member Since: May 15th, 2019


Get Details of OSRS The Blade of Saeldor on RS3gold and Enjoy up to 9% Discounts
The Blade of Saeldor OSRS is a brand new weapon you can obtain from the Gauntlet, and also can be repaired with crystal shards in the Song of Elves. It’s similar to the Ghrazi rapier, but with whole new stats and requirements.  Big News! Hu...
Games Posted 4 Months Ago

Get Tips of RS3 Armour Spikes from RS3gold with up to runescape gold Coupon
RuneScape Armour spikes is a consumable item kind that cause damage to enemies attacking from nearby tiles. It can be smithed from elder rune bar. Once equipped, it also brings satisfying effects and experience, which will greatly increase if you meanw...
Entertainment Posted 5 Months Ago

Tips of OSRS Farm Crystal Shards with up to rs gold Coupon Today
The coming Song of Elves is going to offer you a chance to learn to farm Crystal shards from OSRS Crystal Tree. You just need to obtain a Crystal acorn and reach the require level in Farming. Get ready to learn how to plant the Crystal trees to harvest...
Entertainment Posted 5 Months Ago

How to win OSRS uncut draonstone with 8% off RS3gold OSRS Gold
As we all know, there will be a bunch of new exciting updates implemented with Songs of the Elves. Today we mainly talk about the new enhanced Crystal chest, which can be opened with an enhanced Crystal key and grants higher value loot to you.  H...
Entertainment Posted 3 Months Ago

Take Chance Get Double Daily RS Treasure Hunter Keys with 9% off Cheap RS Gold
In the hot hot summer do you fancy a old fashioned special treasure hunter event? Now you have a chance to grab double daily Treasure Hunter keys RS3 from a activity. Learn details and get TH keys for next TH promo.Big News! Hurry up to join RS3gold Pr...
Entertainment Posted 4 Months Ago

Learn OSRS Commander Zilyana Guide with 9% off OSRS Gold on RS3gold
Killing OSRS Commander Zilyana is always followed by tremendous harvest of rewards and coins. Besides the unique drops like the Saradomin sword, Saradomin hilt, Armadyl crossbow, and crossbow pieces, you can also win different portions and armours, and...
Games Posted 4 Months Ago

Doing RS Summer Skilling Activities with 1250M Free Rsorder Runescape 3 Gold
The first week of RS Summer Escape has come! On the theme of Summer Skilling Bonanza, players can enjoy a variety of boosts and buffs when doing skilling activities until August 11th. Do you want free gold in this hot summer? Get ready for R...
Entertainment Posted 2 Months Ago

Learn RS Comp Cape Update with RS3gold RS 3 Gold Voucher
The recent RS official news post reveals some significant changes they have made to the Completionist Cape redesign. Here you could learn the detailed changes to Comp Cape passive benefits, added stats and others. A perfect chance to join RS3gold coup...
Entertainment Posted 3 Months Ago

Learn OSRS Fairytale II Guide with 9% off OSRS Gold on RS3gold
The OSRS Fairytale II - Cure a Queen is a important queat in Firaytale quest serial. From this quest, you can gain antique lamp and access to Fairy rings network. Learn the Fairytale II - Cure a Queen guide and win them all. Best time to joi...
Entertainment Posted 4 Months Ago

Learn OSRS Making History Quest with 80% off Rsorder Cheap Runescape 2007 Gold
OSRS Making History is an Intermediate quest which requires players to help save the outpost from King Lathas. This quest is one of the requirements of the new OSRS Song of the Elves quest. Time to prepare for OSRS big update – Song of the Elves...
Entertainment Posted 2 Months Ago

Get RS Dusk & Dawn Lanterns and off rs gold on RSorder
The latest Treasure Hunter promotion Celestial Lanterns is coming on July 11th. There are 2 new lanterns called Dusk Lantern and Dawn Lantern, which offer both direct and bonus XP for either players’ 5 highest or 5 lowest skills. Are you ready f...
Entertainment Posted 3 Months Ago

Learn OSRS Last Man Standing Beta with 80% off Rsorder Runescape Gold 2007
This week sees some changes and improvements made to OSRS Last Man Standing beta. As the LMS beta is still ongoing with no confirmed date of closing, you can still participate in the beta if you haven’t. Time to prepare for OSRS big update &ndas...
Entertainment Posted 2 Months Ago

Detailed Information on 2007 Runescape Theatre of Blood loot Rates
The detailed information on OSRS Theatre of Blood loot rates and points system has been revealed recently. Here you could learn how the points system works in the Theatre of Blood, and the drops rates of possible special loot. Hot Summer Cool Deal,Bes...
Entertainment Posted 3 Months Ago

Know New RS Agility Course with up to coupons for Rsorder runescape gold
The Land Out of Time released this summer offers a more dynamic take on Agility. With the update there is a new Agility Course with its unique loot, such as the ability codex pages. Are you ready for RS summer big update, the Land Out of Time? Special...
Entertainment Posted 3 Months Ago

Enjoy RS Cerberus Rush TH Promo with 500M Free RSorder Runescape 3 Gold
The latest Treasure Hunter promotion RuneScape Cerberus Rush has been active now. During this TH promotion, players can get some tokens that can be used to unlock the new Cerberus bow, claws and staff. A great chance for you to win free Rune...
Entertainment Posted 2 Months Ago

How to Get OSRS Zalcano Shard with 7% off Rsorder Cheap Runescape 2007 Gold
OSRS Zalcano shard is a new cosmetic item added to game with the Song of the Elves update. You could read the detailed information to learn how to obtain and use this new Zalcano shard, and other rewards dropped by the boss. To enjoy Long-expecte...
Entertainment Posted 2 Months Ago

Details of Latest RS3 Mobile Update and 60% off Rsorder RS Gold for Sale
The latest September Mobile Update blog has revealed some new information on long-awaited RS3 mobile. Read the details to learn Burthorpe and Taverley, achievement paths and other changes on mobile. Get Ready for RSorder Early Autumn 60% off Sale on S...
Entertainment Posted 1 Month Ago

Enjoy RS Smouldering Volcano Promo and 7% off Rsorder Runescape Gold for Sale
The latest Treasure Hunter promotion Smouldering Volcano is coming on Sept. 12th. You can obtain two new kinds of lamp called volcanic lamps and erupting lamps, and erupting lamps can grant 100% more direct XP and bonus XP. Welcome Back to School with...
Entertainment Posted 1 Month Ago

Tips to Get Fishing & Farming XP with Free Rsorder RS3 Gold
Runescape Giant Oyster within the sunken Tutorial Island is a monthly Distraction and Diversion(D&D) that is a subclassification of minigames. It's accessible upon completion of Beneath Cursed Tides quest. Here we provide a guide of getting great f...
Entertainment Posted 28 Days Ago

Guide for Mental Health Awareness Week and 50% off Rsorder RSgold
The charity event Runescape Mental Health Awareness Week has been live to help partner charities raise money. Until Oct. 13, you need to collect more Runescape charity tokens for various rewards and answer questions for the daily reward.     ...
Entertainment Posted 6 Days Ago

Learn The Ranch Out of Time Update with off RSorder Runescape 3 Gold
Starting this week, RS players can start preparing for The Ranch Out of Time by collecting some reptile eggs ahead of time. New animals can be gathered now with The Ranch Out of Time pre-release update. A rare opportunity not to be missed! Chance to e...
Entertainment Posted 1 Day Ago

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