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Everything You Need To Know About Midwakh

Posted by Yousefredha in Shopping on June 29th, 2020

People are a bit tired of smoking cigarettes and shishas and want to try something new and something pure additive-free. That is the reason; a small but steadily growing market is emerging in the world for Dokha Tobacco. 

There are plenty of questions around this exotic treat from the Middle-East that seems to be hitting smoke shops across the globe. 

What exactly are Dokha and Midwakh? 

Dokha is traditional Arabic tobacco combined with spices, dried flowers, and herbs, which is consumed through a pipe known as Midwakh. Dokha is seen as a purer form of tobacco and offers a unique smoking experience that guarantees satisfaction. 

Generally, no chemicals are added, nor machines are used to produce the dokha. The ingredients used in making dokha are not smoked over a low-burning fire. Instead, the tobacco is left out to dry in the arid desert environment. Once dried, the tobacco flakes are ground into a powder-like consistency. Dokha tobacco is free of molasses, which makes it distinct from the tobacco used in the shishas. 

A midwakh is a slender pipe that is primarily produced in the UAE. The bowl is bit smaller if you compare it to the Western tobacco pipe. Dokha is placed inside this small bowl, which is lit up. 

Traditionally the midwakh pipe did not come with a filter. However, newer models do, and the filters are often mounted around the stem area. Midwakh is designed to reduce the number of particulates from entering the lungs.   If you want one, you can buy midwakh online.                      

 How to smoke a Midwakh? 

Using a midwakh takes some practice. As a novice, if it is your first time, you should sit down and try it out. Some variations of the dokha have a strong effect so you might feel dizzy in the beginning. Smoking can also make you feel thirsty and dry. Keep yourself hydrated while smoking by having a bottle of water or beverages nearby.

  • Before smoking your midwakh, properly pack the bowl with dokha. After you are done filling your dokha blend, press the flakes down with your finger.
  • When lighting the bowl, breathe into the pipe. Breathe out deeply, but inhale normally.
  • Once the bowl has been lit, inhale and hold it in for about 3-5 seconds. Then, take a second hit without letting go of the previous inhaled smoke. Hold it in for another 3-5 seconds. Hold as much tobacco smoke for as long as you can.
  • Let go once you feel the buzz. 

Although preparing the midwakh may sound simple, it does require a bit of experimentation. Remember, different dokha blends need different packing methods. Some blends, require to be packed tightly, while other blends have trouble staying lit when packed too tightly. 

What Midwakh to use?

Midwakh comes in a wide range of designs and price ranges. Choose one that fits your budget and other needs. There is also a variety of budget-friendly midwakh priced at less than . These are recommended if you wish to see what it is like smoking this type of Arabic cigar. You can even search and buy midwakh online

However, there are pipes made out of superior quality, and these midwakhs are built to last long and enhance the smoking experience.


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