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How to Choose Where to Post Your Job Offers

Posted by HRHub in Technology on June 26th, 2020

How to Choose Where to Post Your Job Offers

One of the main advantages of Hrhub , such as Recruitment Software, is that they allow us to publish a large number of offers in different places and simultaneously, saving us a lot of time throughout the process.

In addition to the traditional job portals, which are no longer the main place to post offers, we can also use social networks, our own job page, aggregators, etc. However, does that mean that we have to publish our offers in all these places?

Having a HrHub such as a build a Recruitment Software does not mean that we have to publish the same offer on hundreds of websites and job portals. On many occasions, this can even go against us, causing the credibility of the job to be lost or even to undermine the image of the company itself.

Where can I publish my offers?

The Multiposting  becomes a highly recommended strategy that allows Human Resources departments to publish same in many sites offer a very simple way, helping them to find the best talent. But how do I choose which places are the best?

There are some offers that include works of a more general scope that can be published on a wide variety of portals. However, there are some more specific works in which we will achieve more effectiveness by publishing in certain places compared to others.

For example, posting a job offer to search for a clerk for a bakery is not the same as an engineer position for a car brand. In the first case, we have many more places to publish our offer and receive candidates with greater effectiveness, while in the second case, certain portals may not serve us simply because the type of candidate we are looking for is not active from them.

So, when choosing the places where to publish our offers we must take into account some considerations:

  1. Choose the channels. The main thing is to determine if we are going to look for our candidates on job portals, specific pages, social networks, etc. In any case, it is important to analyze the characteristics of each of them to better adapt our offer.

  2. Study our candidates. Where are the candidates that I need? It is important to know where the profile of the ideal candidate for the position we are offering moves and where it is moving . 

  3. Adapt our offer to the public we are targeting. Once we have chosen the channel and we know where the candidates we seek move, we must write our offer focused on the type of candidate we are addressing. In this sense, if we go back to the example given above, publishing on job portals intended for engineers can help us more to focus on those most suitable candidates.

  4. Analyze similar offers. One of the advantages of 2.0 recruitment tools is that they allow us to analyze the impact of our offers. In this sense, we can study the impact of similar offers on the portals and pages in which we want to publish and thus better adapt our offer. Similarly, if we see that in a certain place the impact of other offers similar to the one we want to publish are not as successful as we hope, we may even stop publishing in those places.

In short, the hrhub tool help us to improve our recruitment processes, and in the case of the publication of offers, they facilitate multiposting and the analysis of results through reports of the processes, candidates and much more. For this reason, when publishing our offers, choosing a good recruiting Software is essential to find the best talent



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