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A boon in the form of Midbrain Activation

Posted by geniusmind in Education on May 4th, 2016

To reach a holistic state of mind, one has to have a synergy between right and left brain hemispheres. Brain, in its entirety, starts developing very fast from an early age. By the time a child reaches his or her tenth birthday, he or she has 90% of brain, developed. When Right and Left halves develop together, a holistic balance is reached between the intuitive and logical characteristics.

What is Midbrain

Midbrain, which is also called mesencephalon, is the portion of the CNS which is related to sound, vision, sense to temperature, motor control and sleep or wake functions. It is centrally located beneath the cerebral cortex and the hindbrain. Hindbrain itself comprises of medulla oblongata, Pons and cerebellum. Midbrain region is very vital because it controls all the responses, which are related to stimuli. These responses are optimized by the technique called Midbrain Activation.

Midbrain Activation

It stimulates the alpha and theta waves in a child’s brain. Alpha waves are responsible for relief from pain, stress reduction and increased focus. Theta waves help in reducing anxiety and also Hypnotic Induction and Zen Meditation. Together, it produces significant improvements in memory, concentration power, confidence and intuitive power of the child. Midbrain Activation for Adult, leads to benefits such as elevated stress management and activation of the sub-conscious modality. These in turn lead to a positive attitude and emotional stability.

Speed Reading

With increased concentration and focus, a child is able to reach a reading speed of 1000 to 3000 words per minute, with a marked improvement in writing skills.

Photographic Memory

It refers to the ability to recall any incident related to an object and visualize the same as if it were right in front of the eyes.


 Another technique or test which is gaining prevalence in identifying and nurturing intelligence is DMIT or Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test. Dermatoglyphics is the scientific study of dermal ridges on fingers, toes and the soles of feet. It has been medically verified the there is a direct correlation between the development of brain and fingerprints. The development of brain and its lobes, and fingerprints happens during the 7th and 21st weeks of pregnancy. Hence, this study of dermal ridges on fingers brings out the congenital relationship between the fingers and the intrinsic qualities of the individual. A DMIT Software endeavors to combine computer technology and quantitative analysis by scanning and studying fingerprints to identify inborn qualities and provide unbiased suggestions. Thus, DMIT Software helps in finding out one’s strengths and weaknesses, which can be followed up by further development of strengths and improvement of weaknesses to have the ideal holistic balance. Strengths might be identified as musical, logical, interpersonal, kinesthetic etc. Dermatoglyphics actually helps in understanding the distribution of cells in the two halves, hence identifying the half which has more potential.

Psychometric Tests

These tests are a scientific mapping methodology of an individual’s aptitude and cognitive abilities to a particular requirement or eligibility.

Adult Midbrain

Child Midbrain can be activated in an adult by proper activation of brain waves, thus leading to benefits like increased stress management and emotional stability.

Thus, with proper usage and development of techniques and tools like Midbrain Activation and DMIT Software, a child can not only be nurtured to develop his or her inherent strengths but also to improve on the weaknesses. This would help the child into becoming a balanced and mature adult individual in life.

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