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Work of Art: Hire a Wedding Day Painter

Posted by weddingdaypainter in Arts on December 8th, 2018

Photographers and videography are the way to capture all those special moments of your wedding. Moreover, the social media now plays an important role in capturing the best experience. The guests start taking selfies, photos bride and groom as they pass through your seat. When they walk down the aisle is a beautiful moment of a newlywed to capture. But these moments captured are kept in your digital world or photobook on the coffee table. Think it in a different way and translate that memories artistically on the wall to remind you of that special day.

Low and behold, here is the art of live event painting. An emerging trend and unique experience artists pop up at your wedding and paint the couples most treasured moment. It may be the first kiss, first look or first dance. There are so many beautiful moments in a wedding. A handful of local and incredible Quality live painting service with talented artists who do the same.

How does it work

You have tocall the service and schedule an appointment to discuss the details of you event. Free consultations are offering some of the services who do not obligate you making any reservation to do live painting. Once you sign a contract and pay the deposit, the booking gets secured and they contact you for discussing the basic details of the event.

Before one month of your event, they will consult you through phone and ensure about the final painting requirements as per your vision. They will go through the setting of the painting. You can ask special request to any specific guest and details of the venue, decoration and the attire you want to emphasis in that painting.

On the event day, the artist may arrive before I hour it starts. All painting starts right before or beginning of the event. They bring their easel and required colours and make a set side or back side of the venue. 

The artist will come and set up everything by preparing the canvas and starts painting first the background. Then capture the light, color and each specific detail. As the celebration begins and your guest starts arriving, the artist start painting them into that scene. They even interact with the guest and watch the progress of painting unfolding on the canvas. So, a live wedding painting will not only add some entertainment but also give a unique touch to the whole celebration. It is also a gift that can be treasure for generations to come.

When the groom and bride arrive and enter the wedding room, the artist just make their walk right into that painting. It just suspends the moment in time forever. After that continue painting the remainder of the event. Adds the finial finishing touches and details to the portrait. As the event ends, painting is handover to you or the person you designated. The Live Canvas painting artists are professionals to capture the most beautiful moment of your life. You do not need to worry about anything, just hire the best artist available.


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