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Get eCommerce store with the best online store builder

Posted by KanujSharma in Technology on May 27th, 2020

Building an eCommerce application irrespective that it is any device compatible is not an easy task. A store owner has to analyze every single edge that has an impact on the functioning of the eCommerce. There are various platforms like Shopify and BigCommecre that have various hidden charged which an owner gets to know once they start progressing. They both start increasing the monthly subscription charge as the number of the transaction starts increasing. Also, you need to buy a premium version of them both to upload a greater number of products. With a platform like CS Cart, all you get is forge claims to get everything in the basic or the freemium version. There are very few and basic features which are there available in the freemium package, rest all the essentail ones are there in the pro and preceding packages. Definitely, if you have a small business or just an e-commerce entrepreneur you would not go for an option that is expensive and could have provided the basic yet essentail features for free. So what is the best alternative online store builder to CS Cart and other platforms?

Sellacious came into the picture with the vision of an integrated solution to create your own online store with complex inventory stores, varied features, etc requiring as fewer configurations as needed while being a reliable source.

Integrated ecommerce Solution-  Sellacious is filling in the lack of an integrated solution, wherein, a feature required to run an online store is introduced, requested by one of the users or suggested by the audience, it is developed and added in the main product to make it a complete solution in itself and eliminating the need of extreme plug-ins.

Trusted and Reliable platform- Since every feature that is suggested and requested by the audience of Sellacious is developed and added in the main product itself.

Scalable Solution- Sellacious is developed to create an online store, no matter the size of your inventory or the features required to run a complex store. It comes ready to suit all and is made to scale and handle accordingly. 

Sellacious makes sure that none of the users’ customizations and settings are disturbed with the releases and an uninterrupted working is assured.

Mass Solution Platform- Sellacious is one platform where a feature requested by one user is developed in the main product and passed to all the users, and not limiting it to just one query solution. Every day with every new release of Sellacious, it is meant to come with new features added working towards a complete eCommerce software.

Sellacious is an open-source eCommerce platform that is all set to cater to every eCommerce requirement you have. Evolved itself from the user critics we have come up with the new market revolutionary software to create an eCommerce web application. Not only a niche marketplace but also a multivendor eCommerce application could be developed using Sellacious. There is absolutely no need to have a pre-acquired knowledge of creating an online marketplace. Anyone can start their online store in just 15 minutes. With more than 45 payment methods and translation to any globally recognized language, you can go international. All the available features which are there mentioned in our detailed documentation could be scaled at any level. In addition to this, we provide domain and hosting services as well. 99/9% uptime and unlimited bandwidth are guaranteed.

We understand the value of customer trust to maintain the retention period and thus our subscription plan is very much crystal clear and available to see to ensure transparency. We assure you not to charge your hidden charges or escalate our subscription plan price with your increasing sales. In case of doubt, reach to our 24x7 available customer support immediately. We are happy to serve you in any way. Premium customer support is assured if you avail of any of the subscription plans. 

Since the platform is completely open-source, there is a wide scope of modifications and additions of APIs to the marketplace. There is a huge number of open-source communities filled with developers who may be unknown to you or may charge heavily for a feature. What to do in that case? Don’t you worry? Our trained developers and business analysts will help you out by providing extended feature development at economical and justified cost because the trust and reliability of customers on us are two things we value the most. 




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