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Health And Fitness 101: Is It Worth It Having A Nordictrack Treadmill At Home?

Posted by Ashtoncaleb in Health on May 23rd, 2020

Are you considering whether to buy a NordicTrack treadmill or not? Is it worth the investment? If such questions are running on your mind, then do not despair as you are not alone. Thousands of home gym owners contemplate whether to buy a home treadmill with some arguing that you can get the same amount of workout by an outdoor jog or run. We can't disagree that going outside for a run does have its perks, but before you completely disregard the idea of getting the NordicTrack treadmill for your home, let us look at the perks the treadmill at home.

• Burn more calories:

So you want to burn that extra layer of stubborn fat? You are tired of carrying that extra pound. Deep down, you know that you can look even much better. If that is the case, buying a home NordicTrack treadmill will do you so much better than you never realize till now. According to an article by the Journal of the American Medical Association, it showed that running on a treadmill helps to burn more calories than any other exercise on a machine. In the article, it shows that you can burn 700 calories on a treadmill. These figures are 73 calories higher as compared to exercising on stair climbers, which stands at 627 calories loss. Furthermore, it is 200 calories more than running on fixed bicycles stands at 498 calories loss.

Further findings have been brought forth by the Medical College of Wisconsin and the VA Medical Center, which shows one can lose 700-865 per hour. These figures way above any calories loss from step machine, paddling machine, or even spinning classes.

Are you still not convinced? Then continue reading our blog; we have more reasons why you should buy the nordictrack treadmill.

• Workout at whatever point you need:

What is your favorite time to workout? Is it in themorning, afternoon, or late evening? For some of us, going for a workout requires to check if the fitness centers are open. You can pop in, and in some other cases for busy fitness centers, you have to make a reservation, for instance, if you are a lover of spinning classes. Then with your NordicTrack treadmill, say goodbye to meeting specific timelines. You can burn that extra and sweat out that layer of stubborn fat whenever you want. So if it is in the morning or even if it is late at night, you can jump on your treadmill and run your ass off..

• Wear anything you desire:

Are you the type of person who gets stressed by the gymoutfit? Even if you agree or disagree, going to the nowadays has become more of making a fashion statement. There is so much pressure to wear what is fresh and trending. However having a Nordictrack treadmill, you do not have to worry about what you wear as you can wear what feels comfy and right for you

• Workout for whatever length of time that you need:

Don't you detest when someone comes at you in the gym andtell you, your time on the treadmill is up? If this has never happened to you consider yourself lucky. I loathe, detest it when somebody dismisses me from the treadmill at the fitness center because my' time is up'. With a home NordicTrack treadmill, you have the opportunity to go as long as you need.

• Helps to get you that perfect body

What is the perfect body for you? Do you like how your stomach looks? Do you have some belly fats? The truth is that not all of us love our bodies, and going to the gym can be stressful, especially if you have to look at the excellent tone muscle guys. However, with a home nordictrack commercial 1750treadmill, you can leave out the stress and tone your body at your speed.

• No more fatigue:

How often have you gone to the exercise center and been exhausted crazy inside 10 minutes of your exercise? Have you ever wanted to workout while still watching your favorite TV series? Then with a home treadmill, you can never an episode of your favorite TV series as all you need is set up your home treadmill and have your TV set in the same room. You can be sweating and burning that extra fat while watching every minute of your show.

• A simple way to get tone with less stress

Do you detest the idea of going to the gym? Buying a home treadmill will ensure that you can still get the necessary workout without stressing yourself. Personally, going to fitness scares the shit out of me. With all the eyes staring at me, I don't think that I can even workout. However, my Nordictrack commercial 1750allows me to get that extra hour of exercise with the constant stress about dealing with a lot of gym freaks.


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