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All-inclusive Guide to Modern Powder Coating Benefits

Posted by RustyLions in Business on May 23rd, 2020

Powder coating is a procedure of painting or covering surfaces or objects. Unlike any other conventional liquid paint, this consists of applying powder to a particular area or surface; therefore, it is also referred to as a dry paint method. The powder consists of minute, dried particles made of resin, which is finely ground to attach to electrically charged surface particles. This approach has certain benefits over other methods of painting or coating. The key advantages are that the over-sprayed material can be recycled. It results in a zero-waste commodity, which thus reduces expenses.

Additionally, powder coating releases less VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), which may harm the environment. It also doesn't produce hazardous waste products and doesn't require any chemical substances or solvents during the process. It creates a much thicker and robust coating than any other technique, allowing it to be long-lasting and resistant to corrosion.

Typically, the coated items will not have appearance differences between horizontal and vertical coated surfaces as the finish will be smooth. Many manufacturers turned to powder coating their products rather than the usual wet paints because of this reason. Most companies who have utilized this method for their finishing process found that the material usage had increased tremendously. During the procedure, there would be most likely no mixture running or dripping. Consequently, it will produce a solid coating.

It is generally cheaper than any other painting techniques found in the market. The equipment needed to operate a powder production is lower than the traditional wet paints. That is why most companies opt to use this because it is cost-effective, especially in bulk projects. The powder coating process isn't complicated, and in fact, it is easier than the traditional method in coating surfaces. It involves three steps, which are preparation, powder application, and curing. Preparation requires you to remove all the dirt or grime on the item to be coated. Be sure that the surface is clean enough to ensure a very smooth finish. 

Powder application is easy as spraying the paint all over the area you want to be coated, after which the dry powder is cured in an oven, so the paint becomes hard and glossy. The end product is a jewel by itself - smooth, solid finish, and long-lasting. Rustylions Powder coating is recognized for formulating the highest quality powder coating services, we specialize in powder coat, sandblasting, cerakote for high temp applications, paint, and similar services. 

Rusty Lions is the best nylon powder coater that offers both fluidized beds (dip) options and spray parts capability. We provide certified color formulations for all standard colors in our spectrophotometer or match the color sample accurately. For more information, contact Rusty Lions at 347-613-8103 / 973-459-8515.



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