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Live in The Best of Katra Hotels Near the Temple

Posted by TheWhiteHotels in Travel on December 5th, 2018

Located in the small district of Reasi in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, Katra is a popular Hindu pilgrimage destination. Katra is home to several important temples and religiously significant caves that has devotes flocking the town from not just India but from all over the world.

If you are planning to visit Katra for a divine experience, make sure you choose one of the best Katra hotels near the temple to ensure that your visit is not just religiously fulfilling but also comfortable. The right hotel for each visitor depends on a lot of factors and here are some of them that you need to keep in mind when comparing hotels in Katra.


The best hotel in terms of comfort may not be an ideal choice for you if the temple you are planning to visit is far from it. Since Katra is such a popular spot for pilgrimage, you are bound to find a lot of crowds on the way to the temple and in the temple. Reduce the time you spend going from your hotel to the temple by opting to start in Katra hotels near the temple. This can also help you reach the temple in time for the important prayer services.

Room Tariff

Once you have found out, which are the closest hotels to the temples you want to visit, you need to check the room tariff and see if it falls within your budget. This will help you create a more filtered list of Katra hotels near the temple and make it easier to zero in on one.

Cuisine and Leisure Features

Vaishno Devi, one of the most important temples in Katra requires devotees to make a rather difficult trek to the temple. This can be tiring and a hotel that has all the facilities to help you wind up after the trek can be really beneficial. And a hotel with a good choice of cuisines and a versatile menu is also ideal.

Safety Features

Ensure that the hotel you choose has proper safety amenities in place. This would include fire extinguishers in lobbies, dedicated escape routes, and very importantly a staff that is trained to help in such emergencies.

Since Katra is an area prone to earthquakes, make sure that you choose a hotel that is well equipped in case of any such emergency. A lot of Katra hotels near the temple are prepared to face such situations, so look for one such hotel.

When making a booking, ensure that the hotel that you are looking at checks all the boxes for making it the best hotel for visitors in this religiously important town. The hotel should be located at a convenient distance from all the prominent temples and caves. It should also be well connected and have a location that is easily accessible by those travelling from out of town.

The answer for your search for excellent Katra hotels near the temple ends with White Hotels, which is affordable, comfortable, and offers the best of hospitality services.


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