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New Builds in Portsmouth-cost-effective solutions

Posted by sylvermark in Business on April 22nd, 2016

The desire or need for bigger accommodation is, like many other decisions nowadays, linked to personal finance decisions. However, regardless of the financial difficulties, many families find themselves facing the need for more living space, therefore choosing New Builds in Portsmouth and House Extensions in Portsmouth as an alternative to moving to another property and endangering their finances on a long term.

Moor Construction Ltd is a terrific company which will stay with you every step of the way. Moreover, they are NHBC registered builders, members of the Federation of Small Businesses and public Liability insured. Your business could definitely benefit from two decades of experience whilst facing only the minimum disruption to your day to day activities while the project will advance considerably and steadily every day. It is almost a given that Moor Construction Ltd will meet even the tightest deadline and highest standards with no compromise on the quality of the work. Therefore, if you are based in Hampshire and in search of full project management services from prompt, professional and efficient craftsmen get in touch with Moor Construction Ltd today and they will kick-start your project with the confidence of true experienced House Extensions in Portsmouth team.

You should definitely give Moor Construction a call right now. Why? This New Builds in Portsmouth company may have a solution for you-that is House Extensions in Portsmouth. With only a fraction of the cost of moving and buying a new property, they will give all the extra-space you need that your house structure and design allows. In the past Moor Construction Ltd has worked on a number of extension projects as well as garage, loft and barn conversions for clients across Hampshire and surrounding areas. Most properties in their view present at least one viable opportunity for an extension or conversion to take place and add to the living space.  If your home is bursting at the seams, look up Moor Construction Ltd.

Once you have decided to invest on a home extension project, the next important step is to search for a suitable construction company or a contractor who has the perfect combination of experience and expertise to carry out your job with no delays or surprises.  This is where Moor Construction Ltd and the entire team can prove to be an invaluable investment. They will take care of the existing problems with the project and can foresee other issues and change plans accordingly.


 Before spending thousands of pounds on any home improvement it makes sense to conduct a cost/benefit analysis of the entire situation and at least think about New Builds in Portsmouth specific requirements about your new House Extensions in Portsmouth will depend on the location of your property and local building costs – two factors which are often closely correlated. Take the advice of the specialists at Moor Construction Ltd and save up some of that money! Get in touch now, at!


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