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Get Rid Of Your Hair Problems Not Your Hair With LLLT Hair Therapy

Posted by fresnohair in Health on December 4th, 2018

People suffering from baldness are always looking for remedies and treatments to decrease the rate of hair loss or improve hair growth. While there are many options like Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Therapy, Non-Surgical Hair Replacement For Men, and laser hair replacement therapy, they carry some amount of risk in the form of side effects.


However, the Low-Level Laser Therapy or LLLT Therapy is one of the safest and best methods for dealing with hair problems. Here’s why?

 What is LLLT Therapy?

 LLLT Therapy is a therapeutic exposure to red or near-infrared radiation. In hair loss treatments, the scalp is placed under infrared-emitting diodes.

 This is done because some part of the sun’s spectrum is believed to be beneficial for a number of problems such as wound healing, inflammation resolution, and even hair recovery.

 A laser's wavelength, session duration, pulse rate, and frequency of exposure are controlled to promote hair follicle proliferation or hair regrowth. How?


  • The laser’s light activates heat shock proteins
  • The laser’s light increases tissue oxygenation
  • The laser’s light increases blood flow
  • The laser’s light generates acute tissue inflammation
  • The laser's light can inhibit 5-alpha-reductase


Benefits of LLLT Therapy


  • Safe and Effective

The NIH has done extensive research on LLLT hair treatment on both mice and humans. After conducting many clinical trials, it concluded that LLLT for both men and women appeared to be both safe and effective.


  • Lasers are Effective for many Medical conditions

The ISHRS has acknowledged that laser treatments have been used to treat various other medical conditions for decades. The physics, chemistry and biology of laser light interaction with human tissue are well documented.


  • No Physical Modification is involved

Patients hesitate to undergo procedures that involve scalpels, cutting or burning even if they have guaranteed results. However, LLLT therapy doesn't involve any type of physical modification to the tissues or any other part for that matter. It stimulates merely blood circulation using a low-level laser.


  • No Side Effects

The significant advantage of LLLT therapy is its assurance of zero side effects. The low-level laser operates within the desired wavelength range that has no adverse impact on the hair or skin.


Who can get it?


The LLLT therapy has the following eligibility criteria:


  • A male patient has a family history of male pattern hair loss
  • Patient already shows hair loss and may or may not be under treatment
  • The patient is about to undergo hair transplantation or has had it in the past
  • Female patient has had severe hair loss after pregnancy or menopause


Patients with the required eligibility can choose LLLT hair treatment therapy for getting rid of their hair problems safely and effectively.


Author Bio

Hair Again is a hair clinic based in Fresno, CA and serving customers satisfactorily in all the surrounding areas.It strives to deliver the best services to its clients using the most advanced technologies at their disposal and remains the leading hair replacement studio in Central Valley since 1977.


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