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Vertical Shaft Motors Made for Pump Applications

Posted by Electricmotorsforless in Technology on December 3rd, 2018

Vertical Shaft Motors is an electric motor designed particularly for industrial turbine pump application. Many industries include municipal water, manufacturing, agricultural and power generating. Ideally, they are suitable for using in inverters or soft starting units and for high thrusted or standard applications.

The pumping industry got revolutionized by creating vertical pump motor during the 1920’s. It allows electric motors to get attached to the upper side of a pump without putting much impact. The process of installation was simplified because it requires less parts, they are not expensive also. The efficiency of this motor increased 30%. These motors are purpose made, so they are reliable and more durable than others. Vertical motors are basically classified into two shaft types, hollow and solid.


Both types of motors are designed clearly for operating vertical turbine pumps. Typically, the mount of such motors is P-base without feet. Its construction features influence the application and maintenance of needs.

Hollow Shaft

Obviously seen difference between the vertical pump motors are one is having hollow shaft in construction feature than solid shaft. In vertical hollow shaft motors, the head of pump extends through the motor shaft and get joined at crest of the motor. There is an adjusting nut on the peak side of head shaft that streamlines the regulation of strength of the pump impeller. A steady bush needs to be installed for stabilizing and centre the pump and motor shaft. After starting the pump, these shaft and steady bush rotates concurrently which results in a stability mechanically compared to solid shaft motor.

Solid Shaft

Vertical solid shaft motors are connected to the shafts of pumps bottom end of a motor. Typically, the shaft extension has circular way for passing pump thrust and radial keyway for transmitting torque. The motor pump lower end coupling and shaft is seen in tanks and shallow pump more rather than in deep-well operations.

Putting electric motor on the up of a pump solves three main issues that every customer faces: convenience, reliability and costs.


When vertical motor marries vertical pump, no need of mechanical gear box that provide a torque to a horizontal motor. Lesser equipment means installation easier and much space left. The other benefit with vertical motor is alignment of motor shafts and driven equipment become easier means less vibration.


As vertical motors are mainly designed for only pump application therefore they deliver better reliability and durability than its counterparts. This of course lead to great relaxation to the customer.


Apart from the cost saving, vertical pump motors are operated efficiently means 30% higher than other motors. The reason is no gear box. Also vertical motors handle pump thrust more, so it eliminates any need for external thrust bearing.

The type of motor shaft is what determines which type of coupling is needed. Whether an extremely mounted one or integrally connected system of motor pump. Various manufactures sell hollow shaft as well as solid shaft motors for pump in all commonly seen thrust versions.


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