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Surviving In The World Of Cut-Throat Competition As a Freelance Artist!

Posted by pollyplayford in Other on May 13th, 2020

Whether you’re a photographer, graphic designer, content writer, or do any form of creative freelance work, it’s common to feel a sense of burnout sometimes.  There are times when may get out of the bed feeling exhausted and thinking that you cannot handle anymore work.  While your work loses its appeal, you could locate you’re making excuses to position it off.  “I’ve lots of time, I’ll work on it tonight,” or, “the client won’t care if it’s a couple of days late.”

However, it is nothing to be embarrassed of. Any freelance artist feels the same at one point of his/her career and hopefully these feelings are temporary.

Here are 5 survival tips to help you in the world of freelancing.

Do you have more work than you can handle?

It’s smooth to sense burned out while you can’t see daylight at the quit of the tunnel.  Take into account outsourcing a number of your paintings to a person you agree with who will do a great process.  Catching up and assembly cut-off dates will give you a sense of feat, and relief.

Take time to enjoy your life!

Schedule your days so you have a few days to chill, time to revel in along with your circle of relatives.  Set work hours simply as you'll in case you hired for an agency – and stick with them.  Take a 10 minute break 2- 3 times a day.  Strive to take a weekend off sometimes, and take off on holidays.  You deserve it!

Are you in the wrong career path?  

From time to time you get exhausted, and you can no longer be pursuing your real passion.  Take into account if there can be some other area of interest that’s in reality appealing to you, and that you feel would make you happier.

Give a thought about what you are doing presently?

Are you where you want to be in your freelancing career?  Are there elements of your passion, you love, and those you hate?  For Instance, you may be a paper sculpture designer who hates writing content material for internet pages.  Keep in mind running on the design you, and outsourcing the writing.

 Step “outside the box”

Perhaps you’re in reality bored in preference to laid low with burnout – the two are very easy to confuse.  When things get repetitive, anyone can get bored.  Get innovative and do something special with a purpose to still help your enterprise, consisting of making brand new videos your social media or create new designs.

In terms of burnout, it’s crucial not to disregard it, and to try and determine why you’re feeling this way.  Do something positive about it whether or not it’s taking a properly-deserved excursion or letting your innovative juices flow in some other direction occasionally.  You’ll sense refreshed, and prepared to tackle any new undertaking that comes your manner!

So, what do you think of this of this article? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.


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