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Wedding hair salon do's and Don'ts

Posted by sylvermark in Business on April 9th, 2016

The way you look on your wedding day will be captured for posterity in countless pictures-not to mention your groom's heart- so you want to look your best, and look natural from head to toe.

Hair salon Oxford experts caution that wedding day perfection won't happen without work, which means that you should begin your planning long before you walk down the aisle. Brides who plan new beauty regimens along with ceremonies and receptions can find themselves prepared not only for a beautiful wedding day, but a healthier way of life that lasts long after the honeymoon.

You put a lot of time and care into choosing the wedding gown of your dreams, so you owe it to yourself to fit into it properly. For many brides, that means losing a few targeted pounds or toning often ignored muscles that wedding gowns expose.

Brides who need only minimal firming in specific areas - such as arms, shoulder and chests should begin two-day-a-week, focused workouts in earnest at least six to eight weeks before their weddings, according to fitness professionals.

For upper body toning, nothing beats push-ups. Targeted weight lifting with five to 12 pound dumbbells can also yield impressive results. Workouts don't have to take long, and they can include members of the wedding party as well. Sharing fitness goals with friends can be both motivational and fun.

In addition to firmed, toned muscles, you want to show off radiant hair and skin on your wedding day. Hair salon Oxford experts say that brides should start their beauty routines early, and then stick to them for healthy, natural looking hair, skin and nails - and a beautiful start to married life.

First, think about how you want to wear your hair on the big day- long or short, up or down, curly or straight? Consulting with your wedding hair Oxford specialist about six months before your ceremony should give you plenty of time to make sure your hair will be exactly like you want it when you marry. Professionals wedding hair Oxford specialists suggest that brides gather pictures of their favorite wedding hairstyles as well as snapshots of styles they do not like. The more pictures you can bring to your hair dress, the better. Be sure to discuss veils and up-dos, hair-length necessities and the general feel you would like to have. And if you are looking to follow recent trends, think natural.

It is also important to wear your hair the way you want several times in advance of the wedding. In this case, you have to practice before hand so you are not surprised. There are cases that brides fell apart when they decide to wear their hair up, then discover at the last minute that they don´t like the style.

No matter your hairstyle, shine is an element that you do not want to leave to chance. Continue or begin regular deep conditioning treatments once a month at home or at saloon- at least three months before the ceremony will give your hair´s natural shine a real boost you will appreciate for years in your wedding photos.

If you are looking for Wedding Hair Oxford and makeup services, then look no further! Hair Salon Oxford offers the best solution for any type of wedding ceremonies.


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