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Experience the Thrill of a Humorous Physics Game – Happy Wheels

Posted by abigaylemark in on September 13th, 2015

If you are a big fan of physics games and you also enjoy dark humor you should learn more about Happy Wheels. Discover some of its most exciting features that made it one of the best free games.

Happy Wheels is very popular among gamers who enjoy ragdoll physics based browser games and it has earned its success due to the amount of user-generated content, skilful graphics and humorous approach on violent accidents. A great distinctive feature about Happy Wheels is that when you do a mistake that leads to a violent accident you actually get to see a real life display of the end result. You should expect seeing a lot of blood, torsions, guts and tragic outcomes. For some gamers this is what makes Happy Wheels so great and unique - the fact that it somewhat imitates life, but in a sort of a morbid way.

When you play Happy Wheels your goal is to go across a particular route without injuring your character. This can be really difficult at the beginning because you feel a bit delayed when using the control keys and even the tiniest impact that causes a minor injury will lead to failure. Completing a level means remaining intact and unimpaired. What’s really funny but in a morbid way that some gamers really enjoy is that if you succeed to keep your character’s torso you can go on with a game, but will need the stomach for a really bloody and not very jolly graphic display.

You basically have to manage with the four arrows, the shift, space bar, ctrl, and the letter ’z’. You get to choose among four characters that are so smartly and humorously created. One of the characters is a business man on the back of a Segway, an old man riding a wheel chair, a man on a bike with a kid as a passenger and woman riding a sort of a scooter for shopping. These characters embark on a really dangerous trip, as the road is full of traps and obstacles such as spiked fences, steeper paths, vans that get in the way, and so on. What’s really challenging is that once you start losing blood you will slowly or more rapidly disintegrate, pending on how you succeed to avoid next obstacles. Good timing, patience, dexterity and perseverance is what it takes for leveling Happy Wheels.

Happy Wheels 2 is viewed by physics games addicted players as one of the most thrilling and exciting games. You can also get on forums to get tips on how to efficiently go through some Happy Wheels 2 levels. Another great thing about it is that it’s just as fun as it is difficult. What attracts gamers to play Happy Wheels 2 is gaining access to more than 6 million user generated levels. So, you should by now be very intrigued to see if it’s really that great as all reviewers say. Enjoy your online gaming experience!

Have fun with Happy Wheels 2 at: Happy Wheels 2 and take part in all the fun at: Happy Wheels


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