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Why You Should Select Only The Genuine Immigration?

Posted by wvpinternationalreviews in Other on November 30th, 2018

Most of the time, people willing to migrate for a different country face the problem of fake immigration agency. The news of the travelers arrested on the airport for the fake visa is also very frequent and common. The fake immigration companies are growing like a fungus everywhere and people become the victim of their approach. WVP International always tries to report Frauds and like to guide the public to fulfill their onshore dreams. Here is your guide to find out the genuine companies.

Why you should avoid fake companies?

Immigration to a new country needs lots of preparation like financial support to execute all the steps perfectly. It is the duty of the immigration agent to guide the person to understand and fulfill the legal steps. They should be aware of the frequent changes in the immigration laws otherwise they have to face scenarios of WVP International Frauds. Only a trained and certified immigration agent can guide you to execute the process properly.

What are the advantages of hiring a genuine agent?

If you hire a genuine and experienced agent, then your immigration process will be smooth and easy, otherwise, it can be turned into a nightmare. Your experience hugely depends on the selection of agent; whether it is authentic like WVP International or the Frauds ones. There are many examples where innocent people are duped by the fake agents who have claimed to be registered.

What are the government policies?

To encounter the counterfeit agent many countries like the USA, Australia and New Zealand have made some strict changes in their immigration laws. They are doing continuous amendments to curb the forged agencies. WVP International has started a feedback to report Frauds online. In the Australian immigration system, any agency offering migration service needs to be registered to execute the legal process.

How to avoid fake immigration agency?

In the time of hiring any immigration agency, you need to undergo the following steps:

  • Research the history of their services along with the background
  • Ensure their package is not exorbitant as every agent charges according to their experience and standard
  • Avoid the agents who sound unreal. The real agent may not promise something out of the way.
  • Check whether the agency is registered under the official registration bodies regarding immigration.
  • Watch out the agents who promise you to make fake documents to smooth the immigration process
  • Avoid the agents who claim to have good 'contact' with the embassy
  • Remember to get the receipt for any kind of money transfer


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