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Difference between Shot Blasting and Grit Blasting

Posted by thevisualhouse in Technology on November 28th, 2018

In the process of shot blasting, there are many different ways in which you can clean up, strip out the surface of blasting materials. Although, sand has been banned long back for this operation because of the deadly silicosis are available in it. However, you can still use a range of much safer substances to help create a perfect finish or simply refurbishing smaller items and get a smooth surface.

Meanwhile, there are two different types of blasting which are most commonly used in blasting process:

1. Shot blasting.
2. Grit blasting.

These both types of blasting techniques require different materials but are often pulled under the bracket of sandblasting and give optimum results by cleaning and smoothing the surface.

In this article, we would focus on shot blasting and grit blasting in details so that you know which blasting technique uses which types of materials and which one is best suited for a different kind of work. Make sure that using the wrong kind of materials and techniques for surface preparation can be dangerous and you risk ruining in case you don’t have knowledge get in touch with the experts and always buy best shot blasting machine for better results.
To know the differences between shot blasting and grit blasting, let's know their process so that we can get their differences.


Shot blasting is the name that sounds like it involves explosives materials, but actually, it is related to the fact that tiny steel balls are used in its process. Although, it can be performed using the tiny balls or through crushed steel, and it can also be referred as peening.

Meanwhile, shot blasting technique for metal materials like automobiles and shipbuilding items to remove paints or dirt from the surface. It can also be used to prepare surfaces through abrasion as it is good for heavy materials. With the help of this process, you can create a more rugged surface ideal for painting and there is no silicondust would come out with this blasting process. Therefore, it has less pollution for the immediate environment; it is counted as its benefit.


If we talk about the grit blasting there are a number of materials can be used in its process. Meanwhile, it is best for tackling different surfaces, different substances, and different finishes and give best possible results. Grit blasting can also be used to remove graffiti and smooth down walls and surfaces. Apart from it, Alumina, silicon carbide, and even walnut shells are best to use in its process to protect your surfaces. If we use a metal blasting instead of grit blasting that would be inappropriate.

Although, Quality Spare centers Shot Blasting and Grit Blasting are able to versatile blasting services through either compressed air, liquid or vapor to give you desired results. If you are looking for best quality of shot blasting machine and abrasive materials to smooth down walls or reduce faults and cracks in a metal, get in touch with the expert to discuss your blasting needs. They would guide you about perfect technique and materials.


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