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You will not ever hear any of our

Posted by StevenCao in Games on November 26th, 2018

There was a lot of controversy shrouding Lion and Finka, as a result of their"global" skills that influenced all Buy R6 credits players concurrently. Is that something you are still looking into for Operators? Or are you focusing on these scale skills?

We learn a lot from all Operators that we discharge. And it's one of the things where sometimes, we learn things that we've completed which are excellent and we apply those to other Operators.

[...] You will not ever hear any of our balancing staff say,"Oh yeah, we got it perfect." You will never hear us say . But we're learning and we are constantly improving. And having the ability to choose learnings from things we have done previously and apply that knowledge to prospective Operators is something that all our game designers are really proficient at doing and it's something we're putting a focus on moving ahead.

Moving onto your rework of Hereford, and buffs to Clubhouse and Consulate. As you're looking back at your past maps, are there mistakes or design options that you're contemplating, seeing how Rainbow Six Siege has evolved?

Well, I would not necessarily call it a mistake. Hereford was among the first maps we built, it was the very first map we had our competitive games on. So Hereford was constructed to be performed at a very different game than what we have today. Along with also the notion about exactly what we had and how Rainbow Six Siege will play pre-launch, then how Rainbow Six is played by our players and what they have taught us -- very different matches.

So that the reworking of Hereford base, it was a really great opportunity to take that iconic map that had any problems that prevented it from becoming viable and giving it a facelift. But really, if you are knowledgeable about the older Hereford, and you have played the new Hereford, it is really more of a brand new map compared to a facelift. We were able to take a great deal of what our level design has learned over the past couple of years out of our gamers, and apply Rainbow Six Siege Items that to Hereford, together with such as vertical gameplay, and rotations, and roaming and all those things. So we're in a position to improve upon those older maps in ways that we did not realize they needed to be improved upon if they were released.


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