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Ayurvedic syrup in cold treatment

Posted by kris1127 in Health on April 1st, 2020

It is very common to get affected by the cough and cold at any time of the year. Irrespective of the age, most of the common people are prone to the cough and cold. The children are more prone to such infections easily. As we grew up, the immunity power of the body increases and we naturally resists such diseases. But how these diseases are spreading and are there a need formedication like things have to be discussed and the awareness should be spread amongst the individuals. As a very common way of cough treatment, many of us are utilising many home remedies and most of them are evolved from the Ayurvedic treatments.

What is the cough?

When the cells along the air passage to the lungs get irritated or blocked with some foreign particles like fog, dust etc., it triggers a chain of reaction to clear out the throat. Normally air in the lungs is forcefully taken out under high pressure to clear out the throat. There are two types of cough-the dry cough and a wet cough. Torex herbal syrup in India effectively treats any kind of cough easily. In the dry cough case, there will not be a production of mucus and it will be more irritating. And a wet cough brings up the mucus or phlegm. We can consider this as a common symptom of upper respiratory infection like cold or flu.

Ayurvedic cough syrup

Ayurveda has got remedies for all diseases from nature. Similarly for cough and cold treatment also many natural ingredients can be combined to get fast relief. Some of the natural ingredients are,

  • Tulsi

Coming from the mint family, Tulsi has got many Ayurvedic values in traditional medicine. The antiseptic and analgesic characteristics of Tulsi help in treating the cough- especially the dry cough. Many asthma and lungs related diseases are cured with Tulsi.  It is a great immunity power providing agent and used in the treatment of microbial infections too.

  • Honey

With tremendous nutritional values, organic honey helps to treat the coughs and breathing problems easily. Consuming honey along with hot water aids in relieving throat infection and respiratory problems. We can use it as a replacement for sugar. With the antioxidant properties, it finds its use in reducing the cholesterol level also.

  • Yashtimadhu

It is a major herb to treat and cure respiratory problems. It gives a calming impact on the pharynx and throat. That’s why it’s highly useful in cough and cold treatment. Whooping cough, chronic bronchitis, ear inflammation etc can be treated effectively with the inclusion of this component.

  • Talisa Patra

It is the main ingredient of almost all the medicines for breathing problem. It also prevents many skin diseases, treats the airways, and bronchitis. This reduces the nasal congestions by soothing the sneezing and coughing.


The torex syrup is a combination of all these essential elements along with some more effective ingredients to treat the cold. Without any side effects, anyone can use this Ayurvedic syrup for all your respiratory and cold problems.


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