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How To Select Boarding School For Your Kid In New Delhi

Posted by aarushisingh in Education on March 29th, 2020

Sending kids to boarding school is a big decision for parents. They find it hard to take the kids out of their protective aegis and throw on them the challenges of the outer world. No wonder the parents research deeply to select the best suited choice from the list of IB boarding schools available in the city. The strategic location of New Delhi makes it a preferred choice for the parents stationed outside the country as well as those working within country. One of the various reasons why parents search for boarding schools is the nature of their job. If their work requires them to stay away from city for most of the times, they choose to send the kids to boarding schools to provide them with stable environment. Here are some useful tips that you, as a parent, can consider for selecting boarding or day boarding school in New Delhi.

  1. Location near to airport: Everyone is aware of the climatic conditions and that of traffic conditions in New Delhi. The parents need to have boarding school that is easy to reach from airport. The area near airport is full of natural beauty and does not have the chaos of the capital of India. Thus, the proximity to airport can help parents in reaching to their kids easily apart from protecting them from hostile conditions of city.
  2. Affiliation to world recognized educational boards: The parents working in other countries educate their kids with an aim to make them competitive with the students of the foreign countries. That is why; they must look for IB boarding schools where they can provide the kids with all world-relevant knowledge and exposure. The boarding schools affiliated to IB offer perfect environment conducive to learning and education of children according to the expectations of other boards functional across the world.
  3. Best quality infrastructure: The parents earning handsomely do not mind paying a premium fee for the education of their children. If the school provides facilities like AC suites, best quality meals, exercise and recreation center, and paramount security solutions, it can offer the most suited facility to the children who are raised in the best resources. Apart from the facilities of spacious and AC rooms, the availability of medical care facilities is also a thing to take care of. All such facilities make it easy for the children to concentrate on their prime objective, i.e. gaining knowledge.
  4. Facility of all kinds of boarding: Parents may need day boarding school to adjust the kids with their work timings. They may also need fully residential schools in New Delhi when they are staying in other part of country or even in another country. The students can also be given the environment of weekly boarding to suit their work requirements. Thus, the best boarding school will be the one that offers all sorts of options to the parents.

Thus, take care of the points mentioned above while searching for boarding school in New Delhi. Such boarding school makes it easier to strike a balance between work and the requirements of child’s growth.


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