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Comprehensive Cancer Treatment for the permanent cure the deadly disease

Posted by Ashley yeo in Health on March 29th, 2020


Cancer is increasing all over the world. It is the 3rd most cause of death. Different types of cancers affect the human body. It is a disease where unusual growth of cells is detected in a certain part of the body. If not treated in time, these cells start mutating and damaging the neighbouring healthy cells. However, many cancers are preventable. It should be known that if cancer is detected early then it can be cured. Some of the cancer hospitals are well-equipped to treat cancer with advance medication and surgery. One of the most effective ways to prevent cancer is leading to healthy lifestyle habits. Secondly, it important to screen timely that can detect cancer after symptoms have begun to affect your normal life. Screening is important because if cancers are detected early patients can recover early. Cancer Clinic Singapore has packages for early cancer detection.


Kinds of cancer treatment


There are different kinds of cancer treatments. The treatment you will receive depends on the kind of cancer and its stage. Some people suffering from cancer have a single treatment. However, many people have a combination of cancer treatments including surgery with radiation or chemotherapy Singapore therapy. People suffering from cancer feel confused and overwhelmed. However, if you know the kinds of treatment, you might feel in control.


Surgery is used for treating cancer is a method wherein the surgeon removes cancer from the body.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is a kind of treatment where high radiation dosages are used for killing cancer cells and for shrinking tumours.


Chemotherapy Singapore is a cancer treatment where drugs are used for killing cancer cells.

Hormone therapy

Hormone therapy stops or slows the growth of prostate and breast cancers, which use hormones for growth.


Targeted therapy

Targeted therapy is a treatment and it targets the cancer cells that help the cells divide, grow, and spread.

Stem cell transplant

Stem cell transplant restores stem cells in patients who have been destroyed due to high dosages of radiation therapy or chemotherapy.


Immunotherapy helps the immune system to fight cancer.

Precision medicine

With precision medicine, doctors choose treatments based on their understanding of the disease.


Cancer care

People suffering from cancer must have access to cancer care. Cancer treatment is a comprehensive and holistic approach and it gives close attention to the health of patients. Cancer Clinic Singapore understands the origin of cancer and the factors linked with it. A cancer treatment plan can relieve pain related to cancer.

Chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and aggressive surgeries focus on prolonging the life of cancer patients. Patients must receive psychological and psychiatric support for handling the situation. Cancer patients need emotional and social pillars so that they stay strong and fight cancer.

The objective of cancer treatment is curing a patient and enabling him to lead a normal life. If a complete cure is not possible then treatments are used to slow the growth of cancer and shrink cancer. Advanced level treatment is available now that can cure most types of cancers if detected and treated in time.


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