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How Can You Know Exactly When to Start Toilet Training?

Posted by Ellen in Home on March 28th, 2020

When you hear your child screaming “Mom, I did my potty! These words will make you so happy. These are the words of many mothers desire to hear their toddlers, but many mothers do not know not the time to start toilet training their toddlers.However We are here to solve this problem.


Each child takes time to develop and we should also allow the child to do instead of trying to hurry the child just to meet our needs. There are children who are quite ready to be clean at an early age, as about 18 months. And yet there are other children who refuse to be clean, even after having passed the age of two and even three. The age when the child toilet trains certainly does not reflect on his intelligence in any way.You must also decide when to start toilet training based on the physical and emotional condition of your child. Only when the child is physically and emotionally stable than the child is ready for toilet training. However, most experts on child care feel that the best time to train the cleanliness of your child is 18 months and 24 months.


But there are still experts who believe that children under two should not be forced to train toilet as this can have negative consequences if they are forced. It is a known fact that children can become rebellious if they are made to do something when they are not fully prepared to do.A mother can force a child to sit on the pot for many hours and yet the child will do nothing but sit and simply because the child is simply not ready for pot. But when the child is removed from the cleanliness of the child would have his potty in their pants.


The important thing in deciding when to start toilet training is that all potty training, you must not use any force, but gently help the child get used to the potty. Try the experience of toilet training an enjoyable experience for the child will have no problem at all. If you like a mother feel that your child is ready to be clean, and then do not worry about the age of the child at all. You can be sure that the child wants to be clean when the child says he wants to clean or if the child points to the toilet.


Try to put off potty training your child if you are under stress or going through difficult times. Only when you are absolutely sure you’re ready with a lot of time and energy on your hands you should try to toilet train your child.potty training can easily take 3-6 months depending on each child. And it is certainly not possible to toilet train a child in a single day. You can search the web if you want to know more about when to start toilet training your child that there are many useful websites where you can gather much information. You can also read reviews and experiences of other mothers when they started to toilet train their child.Muna wa Wanjiru has been researching and reporting on toilet training for many years. For more information on when to begin toilet training, visit his site to start When Toilet Training also very grateful for your opinions on when to start toilet training on my blog here




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