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Know Different types of aerial photography

Posted by wightproductions in Business on March 26th, 2020

When most people hear about Aerial Photography Isle of Wight, the first thing that comes to their mind is taking pictures from heights. While this is in a general sense, aerial photos involved more than just taking pictures from the air. There are different types of aerial photography and there are different methods and procedures used to take these photos.  Note that not all techniques that a take pictures from a height are actually aerial. Most of these will be most appropriately called elevated photography.  That said there are two main types of aerial photography, these are oblique and vertical.



Oblique type of air photography is taken from specialized equipment like light weight aircrafts or helicopter. Aerial Filming Isle of Wight and aerial photography can be considered to be oblique. Aerial photos taken like this are said to be oblique because they are taken at an angle which helps the photos to have depth and definition. Oblique photos can be taken at high or low angles. High angle oblique produces a photo that shows the horizon while low angle oblique photos do not.  Oblique pictures are generally taken at elevations that are relatively low.  Oblique photos are best taken in winter periods when it is easier to see the horizon. This type of aerial photo is best suited for monitoring things like erosion and weathering of monuments.


Vertical aerial photos are more common. They are taken straight down from a height so they give a plan view of the area. Since it shows a plan view, it makes it difficult to read how the topography changes from the picture. Nevertheless, there are techniques to work around this and produce 3D images. Generally, vertical photos are easier to interpret than their oblique counterparts. This is mostly due to the way they are taken.

In this age and time aerial photography has found a useful place in many areas of life. Today it is being used as an alternative to mapping areas that are not accessible. It is also being used to monitor climate change, deforestation, and even urbanization. Apart from its place in these areas, it is increasingly becoming common and is now being used in wedding photography as well as in advertisement.

While major institutions have the required financial power to be able to afford the equipment needed to take aerial photos, it is not the case with individuals. Most often, individuals will require such photography for their personal events. Thankfully there are companies that will be ready to provide such services to individuals at a small cost.

Whether you are getting oblique or vertical photos, one thing is sure, you will be happy with the photos you get. The only thing you need to do is to make sure to enlist the help of a good service provider. Today, searching the services of a professional is very important. You can find service of these professional though online research. Don’t forget to check reviews and testimonials.


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