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Choosing a Colour for your Bedroom

Posted by The Painters Melbourne in Home on March 25th, 2020

Your bedroom is an important space. Your bedroom is where you go for privacy, rest and relaxation, downtime, and reflection. A bedroom can be your own personal sanctuary, so it’s only natural that you’d want it to look great and give off a special vibe. The best way to do just this is by choosing the perfect paint colour for your bedroom, one that speaks to you and really brings the room to life. Here are some helpful tips to help you decide on the perfect paint colour for your bedroom.

Express yourself with Bold Colours

What better place than your bedroom to showcase your own unique personality? Choosing a bold or vibrant colour is a great way to express yourself and really let your bedroom come to life. Will you choose red to convey your determination and desire to live life to the fullest? Or maybe yellow to encourage positivity and keep yourself smiling every day. No matter which one you go with, bold colours are going to say a lot about you.

Play it Safe with Neutrals

Neutral colours may be the best choice if you’re looking for a relaxing paint colour that is calmer rather than bolder. You don’t always have to go bold and vibrant when choosing a colour for your bedroom, so feel free to kick things down a notch with a neutral colour. If you’re worried a neutral colour may be boring or bland, try throwing in some nice furniture pieces, linens, and wall art.

Add some Class with Pastels

Soft pastel colours such as pinks, soft blues and greens, and lavenders can look very elegant and grown up if done correctly. Your best bet is to combine any of these colours with bright accessories and dark wood furniture to avoid the room giving off a more childish vibe. Pastels will help you to feel relaxed and at peace in your bedroom; perfect for unwinding after a stressful workday.

Get better Sleep with the right Colours

You might be surprised to learn that the colour of your bedroom can actually have an effect on your sleep quality. Studies have found that blue rooms are the most effective at helping you to catch some z’s, with specific shades of yellow being the second most effective. Green and silver come in third and fourth place, and purple, brown, and gray finish last. If you’re a light sleeper, selecting one of the top sleep-inducing colours could be just what you need to help you sleep better.

Get an Expert Opinion with a Colour Consultant

If you’re at a complete loss as to which colour you should choose for your bedroom, talking to a colour consultant can be just what you need. Colour consultants have plenty of experience matching the right paint colours to the right rooms, and their trained eyes will no doubt help you to make a decision. At The House Painters, we provide free colour consultation.

Following these tips is your first step in having your bedroom be a place of expression, personality, and tranquility. Your perfect bedroom paint colour is out there, so go find it!


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