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How to Select Right Door Locks for your Home!

Posted by citywestlocksmith in Home on March 25th, 2020

Buying, building or renovating a home is an exciting but often stressful time – with so many things to do it’s easy to overlook the small stuff. Choosing the Right door Lock system can be a significant concern as your first line of security against theft and robbers. Hence, choosing the best lock for your home is vital because its efficiency and value will deal with your security.

There are several considerations you’ll need to keep in mind when choosing for the right type of door lock from trustworthy Locksmiths Melbourne!

  • Who will goanna access the front Door?
  • Types of Locks Do I need to Install?
  • Do I have a security monitor that needs locking?
  • Do you have any budget for the Locking system?

Choose Types of Door Locks

There are all sorts of locks available to meet different needs, but it can be difficult trying to work out the best fit. The main categories of door locks nowadays are separated into the conventional, non-connected deadbolt, and smart locks.

A fixed or non-connected deadbolt is a type of door lock that is an only-cylinder lock. No fancy features, but it keeps your home secured. You can rekey a traditional or standard deadbolt without hiring a door lock expert service.A smart lock, on the other hand, is a more convenient type of door lock with many features such as tracking access logs, time-sensitive access.

Decide How much you can Spend for Locks Installation System

You can choose to buy regular door locks in a low-priced way which offer less security, but you can opt to purchase a high-security lock system which might high price than usual instead. Set a budget will let you to make a sensible decision as always.

Determine If You Need a Smart Lock

Its always smart decision for you to choose a smart lock system the level of accessibility it brings. A smart lock offers an easy way of accessing the doors from your home. Even If it can be high-priced compared to traditional door locks, it is the best balance between security and accessibility. Smart locks are normally enabled with the mobile app. This feature lets you do much more with less, and if ease is a key factor for you, then supplying in one would be the best course of action.

Deadbolts are essential for your exterior door locks

Front doors require deadbolt. Deadbolts are locks detached from the handle or grip and they are hard to pick, saw through or jimmy open. When you turn the key, a dense and solid metal bolt expands into the strike plate and door frame, efficiently locking the door shut.


A Handlesets door lock is incorporated with both handle and deadbolt combination. The handle allows your front doors to be opened instantly and easily, while another side the deadbolt gives a high level of safety. Handlesets are available in a variety of styles, to suit all types of doors.

If you would like to help with choosing or installing door locks, contact the nearest locksmith in Melbourne today.



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