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Use Intelligent Call Center Software to Support Remote Work to Combat COVID 19

Posted by voipsolution in Technology on March 24th, 2020

The situation is getting out of control all over the world due to the increasing disease of COVID 19. There is still no effective and evident vaccine to cure COVID 19 which is a disease caused by the world novel virus, namely, Coronavirus. There is no country unaffected by its vicious effects. To restrict the effect of this virus and its spread, many countries have announced lockdown in cities for an uncertain period. To handle this situation as well as ongoing customers, the companies have started working remotely. To make remote work successful, companies need to use different tools and strict policies. An intelligent call center software is one of the best tools that can help companies to support Remote Work. In this article, I will share how this type of call center solution can empower remote work to combat COVID 19.

1. Support all types of communication

The intelligent call center software offers a wide array of features to provide the required remote work environment. For example, call forwarding helps in reaching the concerned person. For instance, if your project manager cannot make the calls, he can be reached on his mobile phone. This type of call center solution supports all types of communication channels such as voice calls, SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. The companies can use all different communication channels to provide the required support and services.

2. Support remote work

This system is a web based application. One does not need to install it on the computer. Thus, it can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Thus, agents can work from home by opening the agent portal of the intelligent call center software in their browser. They do not need to download this system. Also, some intelligent call center solutions also support direct calls to the phone of employees. It means the agents or employees do not need to login to the call center software. He will receive calls on his phone directly.

3. Support enhanced services

Intelligent call center software can have integrated CRM solution so agents can have a look at the customer data to provide better customer services. The Soundboard Avatar and many similar features to deliver even better services.

4. Assure expected productivity

The intelligent call center solution offers a wide range of supervisory features in real-time as well as with the historic data. You can use the feature like Whisper to listen to the calls; Live Dashboards to monitor ongoing activities; reports to see which agents are working with the expected productivity and who are lacking and need coaching. There are also features such as voice recording which will record all calls and your agents will be aware of this fact and will always follow the best practices by staying conscious.


Intelligent call center software has many features that are built to offer the best services to the customer. It is also amazing while worked to support remote work. It has all the required features which not only offer the required tools, but it also helps in assuring the best customer service and worth ethics.


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