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Posted by elliotharvey in Health on March 13th, 2020

The internet is filled with articles and blogs on weight loss tips. Each of these resources claims to have collected the most effective tips that will help their readers to get rid of excess weight in a matter of a few days. However, the reality is that most of these links have the same content written in different words. You will find the same tips everywhere that you have already tried. So, what you need right now, if you have tried those tips and they haven’t worked for you, is unconventional ways to get rid of your excess body weight. Here, we have compiled some of these unconventional weight loss tips. Read on to know more!

Put a break to your body goal. Much has been said and written about the importance of having a body goal and how one should stick to it. However, it may not always work for you. The reason is that it confines one to have a strict routine, which not many people are able to do so. Since there is already so much going on in their lives, this additional routine seems like a burden for them. Therefore, it is recommended to have a realistic approach.

Instead of a strict weight loss goal, have a motivating future aim. This can be anything that encourages you to lose weight. For example, I finally found a pair of denim from my favorite brand at a clearance sale but it was available in one size less. That pair of denim was too precious for me to let go. So, what I did was to buy them at the sale and challenged myself to lose enough weight so that they could fit me. And this is exactly what happened. The weight that I was trying to lose for a long time, I lost it in just a couple of months. So, my advice here is to just picture how you will look in your favorite pair of jeans that you had always wanted but couldn’t get because of your weight. Buy it and set it a goal for yourself to wear it one day.

Do not be too harsh on your body. Instead, treat it well. If you are unable to get rid of body fat, despite following all the rules in the book, chances are that it is due to something that is beyond your control. For example, some people get it from their parents or it is due to their metabolism. It may take some extra effort for them to be able to flaunt the body figure that they always wanted to.

Do not wait for the time when you will be in the right shape to buy new clothes. Put some efforts into looking good. Get new outfits in an effort to look good and flaunt a new hairdo. It will give you a sense of confidence. Some studies suggest that one of the reasons for weight gain is stress and depression. By looking good and feeling good, you are actually fighting your stress and depression. This may help you to get rid of bodyweight as well.

Make water your best friend. Say goodbye to all the energy drinks, sodas, and other types of drinks. Prefer water over everything else. It will not only help you in weight loss but you will be able to have clear and glowing skin as well. Even if you aren’t trying to lose weight, you should cut down on those sugary drinks. They do nothing but make you prone to suffering from many health implications. Excessive use of those drinks also results in weight gain as they increase the amount of calorie intake.

Keep a positive attitude not only towards weight loss but in general towards life. Take a moment out to appreciate yourself if you have accomplished something. At the same time, do not neglect small steps. When it comes to weight loss, every bit matters. If you are able to get rid of a few calories every day, you are doing your bit. 

Keeping track of calorie count and noting down how many you have gained or lost is an additional burden you are going to put on yourself. So, instead of having a fitness journal rely on a gadget such as a smartwatch.

Finally, you can also take the help of weight loss products only if they are made from healthy components. TeamRoids is a reliable source of getting such products. The major reason TeamRoids is a recommended company for premium quality weight loss products is that they sell only real products that too at discounted rates.


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