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How to download and install McAfee with McAfee enter product key code?

Posted by setupactivate in Computers on March 12th, 2020

McAfee antivirus is always one of the top choices for securing your PC from computer viruses and other types of malware. People rely on this antivirus as it provides security for various Operating Systems such as Windows and Mac. With the rise in internet risks, McAfee is now also providing security suites for Android and iOS devices. McAfee software is available in both online and offline stores. You can easily choose a suitable plan for your system and download McAfee with product key. Using an activating key is necessary as it ensures that you are using a genuine plan for your system.

Things to check before downloading McAfee antivirus

Every software program has some system requirements to install and work. Before you go for McAfee purchase; check your device specifications. Now go to McAfee and make a list of suites that are compatible with your device. Check the features of all suites and select the plan according to your requirements.

If your device has any antivirus or other security software installed in your PC then you should uninstall it before you download McAfee.

If you are downloading McAfee from an online store then ensure that your internet connection is smooth and secure.

Update your OS and other installed programs

You should also remove junk like temporary files, cookies, caches, and history files from PC.

Steps to download McAfee with Product key

  1. Open your device and go to your web browser
  2. Now visit the McAfee antivirus website
  3. You will see two options: For Home, For Enterprise
  4. Choose the option according to your requirement
  5. Now you will see a list of McAfee plans
  6. Click on the plan you want to download
  7. You will be redirected to the billing page
  8. Enter your billing details and click on Place my order
  9. Wait for completing the payment

After purchasing the product; open your email account (email address which you have registered while purchasing McAfee). You will receive a download link and billing receipt in your email. Click on the link to download the setup.

Steps for installing McAfee antivirus

  1. After you download the setup on your PC, go to the downloaded file and run the setup.
  2. The installer will check for device specifications. If your device is compatible with the McAfee plan then an End User License Agreement will appear on the screen.
  3. Read the license and click on Agree and install button
  4. Now follow the on-screen commands for completing the installation process.

After installation, you have to activate your McAfee plan. If you are wondering that how do I enter my McAfee product key then restart your PC and open the McAfee dashboard. Click on My account. If you have McAfee account then log in with your credentials otherwise create one. Now go to my subscription and click on Activate McAfee. Type your McAfee key and click on activate the button. After successful McAfee installation and activation; you should go for a full system scan to remove all existing malware from your PC.


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