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Contact a top kennel and cattery manufacturer

Posted by abigaylemark in Business on March 16th, 2016

There are several ways you can keep the pets in your kennel happy and one such way is to provide them comfortable and safe accommodation. A kennel and cattery manufacturer will be able to supply all those kennels and catteries that you need for your resident dogs and cats so that their owners are also happy. Today, there is an upward trend in choosing galvanized kennels. When you come to know about the advantages of using these kennels, you will also rush to buy yours. These kennels are available from the top kennel manufacturers and are considered among the best for accommodation dogs and cats.

Galvanized kennels are made of hot dip galvanized stainless steel. The process of galvanization involves dipping the steel in hot, molten zinc. The layer of zinc on the steel not only makes the steel more robust and strong, but also lets it last for a much longer time. Steel, when it comes in contact with moisture, can get rusted. When the animals chew on rusted metal, they can easily fall sick. However, chewing through galvanized steel is not only just difficult, but because the steel is not rusted, even if the animals chew on the bars, they don’t have health issues.

The other benefit of galvanized kennels is that they last for a much longer period of time. When you use galvanized steel kennels, you need to wash the structures from time to time because some of the other animals would have been housed inside. Cleaning the kennels is easy – you run water through a hose at high speed and clean the kennels. Because of the layer of zinc, steel doesn’t rust (as explained above). But the combination of zinc and steel also ensures that the kennels continue to look like new for months and years. These kennels are often considered long term investments because nothing happens to them for years.

Contact a top kennel and cattery manufacturer for their galvanized kennels and you can get customized products. The kennels can be of the size that you want; the kennels can have feeding bowls placed strategically so that not only can you feed the animals easily, but can also clean the bowls without coming in contact with the dogs and the cats housed inside the kennels. You can also choose kennels with latches on the inside and the outside so that you can have the kennels opened and closed easily. And as mentioned above, you will also be able to wash the kennels with water.

The best kennels and catteries are available from a top kennel and cattery manufacturer only. There are many who manufacture kennels and catteries but some completely focus on quality and these are the people whom you should look at. Their products stand out among the rest and can be perfect for your kennel and cattery.

You can locate the best kennel and cattery manufacturer for galvanized kennels online. Negotiate properly and you will get the best rates for the kennels and catteries you plan to buy.

For the best accommodation of pets, choose galvanized kennels. Choose to shop from a top kennel and cattery manufacturer for the best products.


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