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A Guide To Your Perfect Party Look Makeup Process

Posted by beautyparlour in Dating on March 3rd, 2020


Well, aren’t we all excited about makeup thing? Especially when there is any party or marriage ceremony, all of the attention is into how to look beautiful. Well, makeup is something that will enhance your inner and outer beauty and we should never try it on a regular basis but for occasion purpose. You maybe can try it yourself or find any makeup artist who provides party makeup Vasant Vihar. However, if even you are not that pro and have less idea about this thing then also you should know a few things that will help you to understand what exactly your skin needs. You should not only rely on the professional without even knowing your skin type or what will suit you. So, you should always go for a patch test and know these facts as well.


First of all, when you are trying to put makeup on your tender skin, you need to prepare it very well. Literally very very well. If you are intending to try something new for the new year or Christmas then we would recommend you for a patch test prior to the event on a quiet night in, just to check it is going well with your skin or not. You might try for a party dress rehearsal so that you can get a gist of the whole thing.Now coming to the,

Party Hair:

You can expect that your hair can really add to your image so you can think of making the most of it with quiffs, plaits or maybe a fashionable up-do. You can ask a hairstylist or maybe a professional for ideas when you are hiring one. Pick up some of the exclusive party accessories that around also ask your professional for new ideas that will suit you.

Party Makeup:

When it is the new year or Christmas, you can really have fun with the makeup, introducing shimmer and glitter to your look. You can also try some bright such as red hues on the eyes. Apart from that, smokey eyes and nude, glossy lips, festive gold, seasonal silver, and the options go on. Even if you love your usual look and try to stay with that, then you can simply add a dot of shimmer and blend into the middle of your upper eyelids. It will let your eyes open up.


Well, most of the people don’t count on this but you must do that! However, the season trends include laced and buckled shoes, kitten heels, and wedges as well. People are now obsessed with velvet also so you can give it a try. It will add modern glamour to your outfit.

Hence, now you know how to get the perfect party look with the help of a professional. You are suggested to book a makeup artist beforehand who provides bridal makeup delhi so that you can be stress-free for the party. However, it is always better to ask them what products they are using and if they are perfect for a certain skin type of yours.



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