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Know When to Seek Help From a Back Specialist

Posted by chiropractic422 in Health on November 20th, 2018

It’s a fact that some soft tissue injuries are not felt immediately, but delaying treatment can prolong the pain. One of the most common types of injuries faced by people these days are the injuries related to neck and back. Be it due to an auto accident or exercise or other reasons, problems in the back and neck can definitely arise. While you may have called your primary care doctor for advice about specific therapies or even medications, there may come a point when you would benefit from seeing a back specialist in Salt Lake City. But, when should you opt for proper spinal care in Utah? How do you know if you need to consult a back specialist? Well, you should seek additional help if:

  • Your pain is severe: There’s no denying that only you know your body and your maximum tolerance for pain. What is “normal” for one person might not be normal for you. If your lower or upper back pain is excruciating, you should seek immediate medical attention. If your primary care physician is unavailable and the pain feels unbearable, make sure to contact a back specialist without much delay.
  • Your pain interrupts your sleep: If your neck or back pain prevents you from falling asleep or consistently wakes you up during the night, you know it is time to seek more help.
  • You have weakness in the legs or feet: If you begin to experience weakness in one or maybe both of your legs, or if your foot drags behind you when you walk, you should know that you need to contact a spine specialist immediately or go to the ER.
  • You have bowel or bladder problems: Severe spinal problems may result in a loss of bowel or even bladder control. Alert your doctor if you have any kind of trouble starting or controlling urination or certain bowel movements.
  • Your pain won’t go away: Many times, back pain following a strain or even an injury goes away on its own with proper care and treatment in a week or so. But, if you notice that your pain does not respond to over-the-counter medications, massage, or even rest, your injury may be more serious than you think. Keeping a journal of your pain to help you track the severity and longevity of your pain, and visiting a specialist can prove out to be highly beneficial.

Having said that, what are you waiting for? If you or a loved one is suffering from back or neck pain that won’t go away and if any f the above symptoms persist, do not think twice before contacting a back specialist.


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