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What Separates Chauffeur Insurance from Other Automobile Insurances?

Posted by jenalucas in Travel on February 14th, 2020

Insurance is a way to protect yourself and your car from any kind of financial loss. We could see that ridesharing services have gained a lot of popularity in the past few years due to the rise of companies like Uber and Lyft. Most people are providing chauffeur services to the richest clients and earn a handsome lively hood. Their income generates from being on road and if they get involved in an accident or their car gets broken down it's lost in income. Chauffeurs tend to develop good relations with their clients and being unable to provide services would affect their reputation. Therefore, a good insurance policy would save you from all that trouble.

How It Differs from Regular Insurance?

Most people do not understand how Chauffeur Insurance differs from any other automobile insurance. Your regular car insurance which you might even get by telling them that it’s for business purposes is not enough. It is the legal requirement that you need to fulfill to provide services for advance fee-paying customers. Chauffeur vehicle insurances are designed to meet the specific demands of luxury car drivers. It is a type of private hire insurance, but specific details and requirements separate it from any other insurance.

Consequences of Not Being Insured:

First and the most important thing is that insurance is the legal requirement to operate your chauffeur vehicles. If you do not have the proper cover and policy to run your business, you would be penalized. The amount of the fine charged could be heavier than you expect. It is like a criminal offense to drive your vehicle around without any insurance. Not only you are charged with a heavy fine you could be prohibited to drive. Some penalty points would be charged on your license and that is not good for your business. This would affect your customer base and would make difficult for you to get a cheaper policy in the future.

Benefits of Insurance:

Insurance is beneficial for every automobile owner but when comes to business the advantages are immense. They provide you with the right financial coverage, safeguard your customers and cars. A good policy would provide you with a car of the same class and category if your car is under maintenance. So that you could continue your work without facing any loss. Accidents are devastating and the medical bills that come with them can make you bankrupt. With the right coverage included in your Chauffeur Insurance policy, you would get a cash payout to pay all your medical bills. Working as a chauffeur requires you to transport high profile clients so their protection is very important for your business.

Types of Coverage:

The coverage you would get with a policy depends entirely on your budget and requirement. But every cover is there to provide you financial coverage in case of a calamity. Most of the chauffeur opt for extra coverage than regular as they are running very high profile and professional business. Basic coverage that every private hire insurance provides includes Breakdown coverage and maintenance charges along with the pickup of your vehicle. Legal expenses are covered in case of an accident and lawsuits. Personal accident coverage to minimize your financial losses, Public liability insurance, third party cover and much more could be added.

How Premium Is Decided?

The amount of your premium depends on various factors like the number of covers you include in your policy. What is the age of the driver and at what location you are going to operate your vehicle? The model year of the car, personal driving history of the driver and many other factors determine your premium amount. But it could be reduced by paying your premium yearly if you could afford that. Setting a higher surplus would reduce premium costs and try to keep your driving record clean with no claim history.

Getting the cheapest policy with the right amount of coverage can be difficult. But you could get a quote from Cubit Insurance and try to compare it with others to find what best fits your requirements.


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