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Roman blinds installation guide in Australia

Posted by Graysonau in Home on February 14th, 2020

Installing Roman curtains is something you can do yourself, using nothing but your hands, some useful advice and someone to keep you company. When you bought your blinds, you probably came across a not so simple installation guide that came with your Roman blinds and made you doubt yourself and your skills. Well, despite all the complicated images and words, know that it really isn't that difficult and that you can do it yourself. The hardest part is probably deciding if you want your blinds to be installed inside or outside the window frame, which will determine the assembly process. What comes next can be done using this Roman blind installation guide.


Those who have already bought a Roman blinds probably already know the following, but for those who still decide which window treatment to choose, there are some things they should know about Roman blinds. It is essentially a piece of cloth folded in folds and activated by a chain. They can be flat (flat when pulled down) or tied with additional fabric that overlaps when blinds are lowered. The Roman blind market offers a wide range of different materials such as silk, cotton, and linen as the most popular options. But that is not all. You can opt for simple single color blinds or choose them with interesting and colorful patterns if you want to add some eccentricity. Finally, the most important option in light of the installation of Roman blinds is that they can be hung with interior or exterior support.


Choose, measure and go!


The installation of your Roman blinds includes some simple steps described below.


As mentioned earlier, the first thing to do is decide if you want the blinds to be installed with interior or exterior support. The interior support means that the blinds will be installed inside the window frame and will cover only the window glass, while the exterior support will be fixed on both sides of the wall, covering not only the window frame but also part of The wall This will not only define the installation process but also affect the overall appearance of your window and your room. However, it is up to you.


Now let's take the necessary steps. If you have opted for inner support, measure the top, middle and bottom of your window with a tape measure. Be sure to be very accurate and recheck the measurements to determine the correct size. This is very important as it can affect its Roman blind functionality. Add a few inches and you will not be able to mount the blind inside the window frame or subtract a few inches and the blind will not cover the entire window, leaving it exposed and unprotected. With inner support, consider the smallest width. Also measure the length of the window, as it will determine the length of the blind. If you choose exterior support, you must measure on both sides of the wall around the window frame. Here, you can decide the distance at which you want to place the brackets and, therefore, choose the width of your Roman blind.


Always buy the blind after making the previous measurements, all based on the given results.


Now is the time to install the brackets that will keep the blind in place. Whether you install the awning with an inner or outer bracket, make sure there is no contact with the top of the window frame and that there are no obstacles that prevent it from climbing. or lower the blind. Level the brackets on both sides of the window and secure them to the window frame with 2-inch wood screws (interior mounting) or install them on the wall with wall anchors, tilting bolts or fixing screws (external mounting).

Finally, after installing the Roman blinds, pull the cable to lower and raise the curtain and make sure it works properly. Consider your complete installation work.




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