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Who are the recent Great Online Marketers stood out with Great Strategy?

Posted by rajesh360 in Shopping on February 10th, 2020

When it comes to Digital Marketing, One of the great way to find your new strategy is to get inspired by looking at other Top or recent Emerging brands that are making some noise in the digital marketing world and analyze what they're doing. Find some of them here:


Zappos, a pacesetter in shoe e-commerce, sets the gold customary for on-line client care. In fact, their CEO, Tony Hsieh, wrote the book thereon. therefore it's no shock that they need a stellar digital strategy. Not solely will Zappos offer a 365-day a reimbursement guarantee, however they even have free shipping each ways that, ought to shoppers plan to come back or exchange merchandise purchased on the positioning.


As a result, Zappos doesn’t need to work effectively to promote its on-line presence – its policies are therefore appealing to consumers that shoppers are eager to sing the company’s praises to one another in a completely viral fashion. Of course, Zappos will still invest heavily in on-line promoting, and its social media campaigns shouldn’t be missed!

The Lesson

Content marketing must be managed appropriately to be effective. Online content marketing campaigns should strive to produce measurable results in proportion to the resources committed to them.

2 . American Express (AMEX)

Plenty of companies talk a big game about “the communities” they’re creating online and the inherent value of the “online conversation.” However, very few actually create any community of value. Far from being all talk and no game, American Express puts its money where its mouth is by leveraging the value provided by industry experts on its Open Forum website.


Open Forum is a collaborative website, on which American Express invites guest authors from a variety of sectors to share their business knowledge and wisdom.  The result is a content-rich mega-site that’s popular with the search engines – all created without American Express needing to shell out cash to content contributors.

The Lesson

The creator of your content does not need to be you. Find industry leaders that create great content and ask them to contribute an expert article on your blog. It will build their audience and your traffic, as long as the content provides value to anything like Sports betting app development.

3. Dollar Shave Club

Shaving is the epitome of a boring routine, right? If you answered “of course” then you obviously haven’t seen Dollar Shave Club’s now legendary launch video “Our Blades Are F***ing Great”, which threw the notion of this being a drab, button-up industry out the window. Today this company has over 3 million subscribers, boasts 0 million in sales within five years, and has snagged almost 7% of the U.S. shaving market. Their promotional video has been viewed over 25 million times, and the company was acquired for billion by Unilever.


During their hyper growth, Dollar Shave Club continued to share cheeky content such as “Is It Bad to Pluck Nose Hairs with My Fingers?” and “Do I Really Need to Wash My Hands After I Pee?” These guys know how to grab the attention of their target audience!


The Lesson

Don’t be afraid to have some fun! DSC doesn’t take itself too seriously (or at all seriously, for that matter). Everything from its marketing to its onboarding, from its packaging to its social engagement is lighthearted, silly, and tongue-in-cheek. And its customers love them for it.


Entering a popular niche like personal finance is a daunting task for any new startup, but the approach that financial tracking tool Mint took early on proved that it's possible to stand out in a crowd through well-executed online marketing strategies. Although the company was a relative unknown amongst its more popular predecessors, Mint committed to a digital strategy in which they published hundreds of high-quality content pieces – from informative blog posts to viral attention-grabbing infographics.



Although the company was a relative unknown amongst its more popular predecessors, Mint committed to a digital strategy in which they published hundreds of high-quality content pieces – from informative blog posts to viral attention-grabbing infographics (like Data Privacy Day: Keep Your Financial Data Safe) – which gave value to their customers and grew their business.


As a result of Mint's digital marketing efforts, the tool gained a massive online following before being sold to Intuit for a whopping 0 million.  That can be even half done by owning Online lottery software development.

The Lesson

Investing in content marketing often requires significant amounts of time and money, but committing to content production and high-quality standards can build substantial market attention in a short period of time.


5 . Lyft

This rideshare company is built upon a luxury that most of us dream of, but few can afford: a private driver. Tap a few buttons on the app and in a matter of minutes, a shiny new car arrives at your exact location to take you anywhere you want to go. The service is so great that the need for expensive marketing is practically non-existent.



Lyft started as the campus-based Zimride, branded itself as a “socially conscious alternative in a crowded, cutthroat field” (donating million to the American Civil Liberties Union during a recent New York taxi strike to protest President Trump’s travel ban), and grew almost entirely through word-of-mouth marketing, which is a very high-converting channel. In fact, 81% of customers make purchase decisions based on recommendations from their friends.


They offer incentives for riders to act as advocates for the business by providing referral codes to their friends in exchange for free rides. Between a service that saves people time by making transportation easier and cost-effective and their powerful referral system, Lyft is spreading like wildfire. 


The Lesson

Word-of-mouth advertising is worth more than any exposure you could ever buy, and in the digital age, it’s faster and more effective. Lyft actively targeted the tech community in San Francisco in the early days, knowing that they would share their experiences both off and online. 



The list goes on hugely and refer everything sourced from the article of



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