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Tests performed by Quigley eye specialists

Posted by sylvanmark in Health on November 17th, 2018

In the last decades, medical services have achieved greater advances thanks to imaging diagnostics such as Optical Coherence Tomography, computerized campimetries, Ultrasonic Bio-microscopy, topographies, angiographies and modern surgical techniques, such as phacoemulsification and femtosecond laser in cataract surgery, which allows Quigley eye specialists to use more accurate methods of action and greater precision in the results of the different ocular pathologies.

The vision test is the best option to prevent and detect early any disease that can damage vision. It is very important to perform this test periodically since it is practically the only way to diagnose important diseases.

A vision test consists mainly of four tests, which are:

Visual acuity test: is perhaps the best known since it is the typical table where letters are shown in different sizes, the objective being to measure the view at different distances. Usually the Snellen table or a standardized card that is placed six meters away is used, in case the distance is smaller a special table is placed.

Tonometry test: it is intended to measure the pressure of the eyes and is used to detect glaucoma. To do it, a small puff of air is discharged into the eye and a pressure-sensitive tip is applied against the eye or a few drops to numb the eye.

Test with dilation of pupils: basically, pupils are dilated with a few drops so that doctors are able to look through a magnifying lens that allows them to examine your retina and detect any sign of damage or specific problem of the eye. One of the reactions of this test is that the sight remains blurred for a few hours after it is done.

Visual Field Test: This test is designed to measure the lateral or peripheral vision of the eye. It is also known as campimetry. To do it, the person focuses one or both eyes on a fixed point and indicates how much they can perceive. With this Quigley eye specialists can define if his visual field is normal or restricted. At this point, it can be decided if cataract surgery is needed.

All these tests have a short duration and are painless, the only effect they can have is the one that causes the drops to dilate the pupils, which will disappear during the course of the day.

Throughout medical history, cataract surgery has experienced a boom in recent times, due to the use of minimally invasive techniques. This fact added to the increase in hope and quality of life of the population and it makes it one of the most performed surgeries.

Another factor that come together to make it such a widespread surgery is that it tries to find the emmetropia of the patient, both far and near, so patients with slightly sclerosed crystals resort to it in search of a solution to see without glasses or contact lenses.

It is known worldwide that the eyes represent the mirror of the soul. For you to ‘read’ the other, you must have a clear vision, and all can be done with help from Quigley Eye Specialists. They are specialized in many surgical procedures including cataract surgery.


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