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How To Prevent, Identify And Remove Stains In Your Swimming Pool

Posted by lizseyi in Business on February 5th, 2020

Given all of the time and effort that you’ve likely invested into your swimming pool, the sight of stains in it can be mortifying, especially when you’ve got guests around. What’s even worse is when certain problem stains prove resistant to brushing; so what exactly can you do to get rid of them or even better, to prevent them from developing in the first place?


The answer, as so often in swimming pool maintenance, lies in the use of the right pool chemicals. We’ve got a whole section of our site, in fact, that is dedicated to swimming pool stain treatments.


But first, let’s take a look at some of the other things that you ought to know about stains in your pool.


What causes swimming pool stains in the first place?


The simple answer is that stains in pools are usually caused by imbalances in the water brought about by the presence of certain metals or minerals. When metals come out of solution in one or several places on the shell of your pool, the result can be one or multiple unsightly stains that might not be easy to remove using the most obvious cleaning methods.


There are, though, other potential causes of stains in your pool. These include rust coming through the wall, floor or around fittings, as well as organic material like leaves, dirt, oils, algae or worms.


Pool stains can often be identified by their location or colour. Rust stains, for example, tend to appear in isolated spots – and if something looks like rust, it normally is. If the stain is greenish-brown, though, there’s a good chance that it has an organic cause, such as tannins leaching from mud, leaves or acorns – and as for brown, black and purple stains, this dark colour combination points to manganese being the culprit.


Our ever-dependable pool chemicals can put your mind at rest


Whether or not stains have been a particular problem in your pool, it can really help to have some stain treatment products ready to reach for, just in case any ugly spots do emerge.


There are three stages to the treatment and prevention of pool stains: de-chlorinating the pool water, addingMulti Stain Removerto lift the stain, and finally introducing No More Metal to the pool once the stain begins to lift. The last of those steps is a really important one for ensuring stains do not reappear on the surface of your pool after they have been removed.


Pool stains don’t have to be a cause of anxiety for you at this time of year, even amid the heavy use that your swimming pool may well be seeing in all of the sun and warmth right now. Equip yourself with the right swimming pool stain treatments from Pool Warehouse, and you’ll be able to focus squarely on actually enjoying your pool over the weeks and months ahead.





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