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Things you can get to know about USB Flash Drive

Posted by bestitgadgets in Computers on November 16th, 2018

USB pen drive also called a flash drive, Zip drives, memory stick and so on. They are commonly used for transferring data or information from one device to another. USB drive came into existence about the decade ago, when CD and DVD were on the roll and considered as the primary source of information storage. However, as the technology evolved the storage aesthetic was shrunk and storage capacity was increased to the greater extent. In this current age, USB device is now considered as the primary source of data storage device.
For those who don’t know about USB device, it is an acronym of Universal Serial Bus. Now as USB Pen drives emerge the use of such CD’S and DVD’S use got limited as the pen drives were easy to use and handle and are quite cheap these days. One can save data as long as user need. The pen drives are connected to USB [Universal Serial Bus] Port which is available to computer motherboard as now this motherboard contain maximum above 1 USB port where you can connect many USB devices at once.
These days computer manufacturer produces motherboard which has multiple USB ports installed on their PCB. As now these pen drives gain their power directly from the power supply hence it doesn’t need additional power, therefore, pen drive or USB sticks are playing important role in computer industry.
The USB Pen drives are so popular that these days even small devices just like mobile devices also posses’ port for its easy installation and connection. They are called as EPROM. Nowadays when pen drives are hugely used as a bootable medium where user use pen drives for installing a fresh copy of windows or any other operating system.
Below is the list of top of the line pen drives that you can purchase via online
( Model- USB Dog)
This Funny Humping Dog USB Drive will bring you great fun to your boring working office. It continuously humps when connected with a USB port. It is great for stress relieving by watching it look hump
(Model- pen drive)
The penguin fox owl is exquisitely cute and popular makes your USB Flash Drive so unique and different from others. It allows fast data transferring not only that it is quite easy and convenient.

(Model -C1)
This flaunting USB Drive offers uniqueness and raw output when it comes to performance. Design wise it is simply outstanding and offers great value for money. Fast data transfer speed and increased service life is the key USP of these gadgets.
Memoria USB 2.0 (Model-16-731)
Memoria USB 2.0 USB Flash drive offers an aggressive design and an impeccable performance with USB 3.0 speeds. It is currently available in various storage capacities. It is radically designed for PC enthusiasts and gamers.




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