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Take the maximum benefits by combining SEO with search engine advertising

Posted by oscartornley in Internet on November 15th, 2018

For digital marketers, leveraging the power of search engines is great opportunity to increase the reach of their clients’ business. Owing to the popularity of search engines, no online marketing strategy can be complete without including search engine marketing which is essentially a combination of search engine optimisation and search engine advertising.

Business owners now allocate some percentage of their total marketing budget to SEO marketing after analysing the potential of it. Search engine marketing is considerable part of any online marketing plan and you should take help of an agency. As a business owner you may be not be clear whether to go for search engine optimisation (SEO) or search engine advertising (SEA). An agency usually employs experts who have skilled in both the areas and knows what to adopt at different stages of the campaign. To explain it further, SEO activities are usually carried out over few weeks or months before results start showing up. Even with persistent efforts, it might take few months to get to the first page of any search engine. Hence, till the time rank of your website improves and reaches the first page your website doesn’t get any visibility or traffic.

Does it mean you have no choice but to wait for months together before your search engine optimisation activities start delivering results? Not really. This is the time you can opt for search engine advertising. In SEA, you can catch the eyeballs of your prospective clients and show your website to them. In SEA, you need to get registered with advertising networks of the search engines and pay them for showing your advertisement. Leading search engines like Google provides platform like Google Adwords through which you can design and run your SEA campaign.

Search engines offer some great tools which help you to do keyword research and finalize on the list of keywords. The list can be prepared based on the search volume and competition. It always makes sense to show your advertisement for the high search volume of the keywords but if the competition is high, you may have to bid higher and the cost of the campaign will go up. You can also decide on the geographical areas where you want to show your advertisements. Once the keywords are finalised, you can design multiple versions of advertisement copy for the same keywords which will be shown by rotation depending on the relevance with the search term. You can also analyses the result to check which ad copy is getting higher number of clicks or conversion.

To derive the maximum benefits of this amazing channel of search engine marketing, it is advisable that you outsource the entire campaign to an internet marketing agency. They have years of experience in working with businesses of different sizes from different industries. They will be able to guide what will suit your company best. Since they employ experts for each branch of online marketing, they know how to use search engine optimisation and search engine advertising to the fullest potential for delivering outstanding results.

An experienced internet marketing company will use both search engine advertising and search engine optimisation for deriving maximum benefits for your business.


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