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The discipline you need to follow for search engine optimizer

Posted by oscartornley in Internet on November 14th, 2018

SEO can be largely described as collection of all the activities that can be used to make your website appear in the search engine result page. High search engine rank ensures that your website features prominently on the first page of Goole and other search engines, because it has been found that users rarely go beyond the links listed in the first page. Therefore, you should be aware of the search engine optimizer that helps you in reaching this coveted position.

There are several on-page SEO techniques that are to be performed on your website. And, there are other off-page techniques like link-building and social media marketing that also help in increasing visibility of your page. When search engine throws search results based on your keyword or search term the results shown are known as organic search results. More than 60% of all web traffic comes from organic search. On the other hand, paid results are shown by the search engines which are known as Pay Per Click (PPC) technique.

Relevancy is a factor that guides search engines to identify pages that will be of help to their users. They try to match the search query string to keywords found in website pages. Depending on their algorithms, the search engines find out its importance. Few factors like location of the person looking for the information, history of their previous search, time of the day or year etc. influence the process too.

The quality of content helps the page to rank high. You should regularly publish useful blogs and articles, reports, studies, informative infographics, charts, videos, video blogs or vlogs so that the users find it to be useful and engaging. Recently, it has been observed that Google is putting more emphases on long content to understand the readers’ intention of visiting the page. While developing content human readers needs to be kept in mind as user experience is what matters most. There are other factors that influence UX like easy navigation, relevant internal linking etc. that keep visitors exploring your website in detail.

The speed at which your website loads also adds to the UX factor. Hence search engine optimizer has to see to the fact that it loads quickly enough to keep your visitors at your website. Search engine rank is also determined by its cross-device compatibility. It should be optimised for mobile devices, tablets having smaller screen size than the computers.

Your SEO agency will tell you why it is important to have internal links in your website. Your visitors can have more reading options by navigating from one link to the other. You should also use clear and relevant anchor texts to help them in the process. This also reduces bounce rates. With internal linking, search engine rank for some keywords also becomes easy. With the help of search engine optimizer you can make your website search engine friendly without compromising user experience. If your website is trusted by your users, authority of the site increases. If you receive links from authority sites, your website is considered to be good and trustworthy.

High search engine rank can be obtained with effective and intelligent use of search engine optimizer.


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