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How search engine rank is determined

Posted by oscartornley in Internet on November 14th, 2018

If you think that earning search engine rank depends entirely on your luck or by paying Google then you are completely wrong. The process of search engine rankings is methodical and if you or your digital marketing agency follows the quality guidelines issued by the search engines you will surely get positive results.

Close attention has to be paid to the rules set by Google or any other leading search engines especially to the factors that are considered to be illicit. Manual spam action may remove your website completely from their search listing and it will be a tough job to get back to the list. Let the search engine find your website pages and see to it that all the pages can be reached with the help of an external link. That link can come from a page having textual content or images having Alt attribute. There are some rich media formats that cannot be indexed by the search engines and you should be aware of the fact.

The process of search engine rank starts from submitting a sitemap file to the search engines that have links pointing to your most important pages. Along with the sitemap, include site index or site map page where the links are listed in a human-readable format. Never add too many links on a page. An HTTP header for ‘If-Modified-Since’ should be added so that the crawler knows that the website has been changed since their last crawl. Supporting this feature saves you bandwidth and overhead. For making the crawling process easy for the search engine bot you should add robots.txt file on the web server that restricts it from crawling certain pages like privacy policy, disclaimer, term of use etc. which you don’t want to show in search result page and hence, not needed to be indexed. There are tools that will tell you if your robots.txt file is right.

The search engine should understand your website and quality content helps you in this. When you have an information-rich website in which every page describes clearly about the intention of the page you can be sure of high search engine rankings. Other than optimising your page for keywords, you should see that your title tag and alt attributes are properly done. They should be specific, descriptive, and accurate. Follow the page hierarchy so that the content is properly organised. Guidelines are provided for uploading images and videos and following that will help your website earn pagerank. Your content management system should help you in creating pages that are SEO friendly.

When your website’s CSS (cascading style sheet that lists the sites all styling elements) and JavaScript files are done properly it helps the search engine crawler to understand the content of your page. The most important content should always be let visible on your website’s default view. Though the crawler can scan through tabs and expanding sections, it is better to keep them naturally visible for your important pages.

So, now you must have realised that following rules and guidelines can actually help you in achieving good search engine rankings. If you offer great content for your users then search engines will naturally reward your website with a desirable search engine rank.

High search engine rank brings huge benefit to your business. Ask your SEO agency on how they would help you in improving your search engine rankings.


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