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Typical Network Components: Things You Need To Know

Posted by bestitgadgets in Computers on November 13th, 2018


Our world is surrounded by different networking gadgets and component. The majority of the users face lots of issues while purchasing the right gadget for their peculiar network. This is due to the lack of basic technical knowledge about these components. In the article, we will discuss the typical networking component that we utilize on the regular basis.


A hub job is to connect the devices in your network together. Let’s have a look at the hub functionality. Let say Host A sends some data to Host C. When a hub received the data, it repeat out from out from every port, expect the receiving one. The HOST B will get the data and so does the HOST B and D, so they simply discarded. The HUB contain many cons, it wastes the bandwidth, as we seem when HOST B and D unwanted data. A Hub uses something called “Half-duplex” which means it can't send and receive data at the same time without causing a data collision. This will make your data corrupt and need to be sent again.

In short, a HUB is a Layer 1 device meaning that it is unaware of the addresses, all it does repeat any data it receives. HUB is radically packed with one Collision Domain and utilize Half-Duplex, this indicates that it can’t send or receive data at the same time. On the other, it has the security risk. HUBs are the old school technology has been supplanted by router/ switches.


Bridges were introduced in order to counter the cons of the hubs. They are used to smartly divide a network into the smaller section when data reaches the bridges, it decides whether to forth the data or not. It executes this by analyzing source and the destination of the mac address. When a bridge receives the data, it catches the source address, Looks at the destination address and then decides whether or not send the data.


Radically switch is the combination of Bridge and Hub, it connects the device together and knows all about the port information. Have a look at its functionality.

Switches are radically packed with MAC address table, now this table contains each mac address and which port it is connected to. For instance, Let’s say Host A forth some data to Host C, the switch will receive the data and send it again just like a hub. In short, Switch is a layer 2 device and utilized Full-Duplex mode with multiple collision domains and of course, it saves the bandwidth, unlike Hub.


A router is cutting edge networking device which uses to connect your LAN to other networks such as the internet. The household routers generally come with an inbuilt switch, so when your PC sends an IP address to the router, the router will then forth the traffic out of home network. The modern day routers are packs with a good level of encryption for data security.



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