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Your Guide to Different Gages

Posted by thirdcoastgage in Other on November 10th, 2018

A Gage is an instrument or a device that is used to measure or determine the pressure, depth, level, thickness, etc., of various materials and surfaces. They can be mechanical or elector-mechanical devices. According to its use, it is a device which is used for measuring a physical quantity.

From gaps to a thickness to diameters to pressure flow, you have it all. If you wish to know them and understand its uses and importance, read on.

Analog Pressure Gage

Analog pressure gage is a mechanical instrument that is used to measure the force at which liquid or gas exerts on a particular unit. It has a dial face which is attached to a coiled tube for displaying pressure readings. They are generally used to measure pressure in pipelines and gas vessels. They do not need any electricity to operate and give immediate readings.

Digital Pressure Gage

This is exactly the same as a pressure gage but here it gives its readings numerically, digitally. Instead of a dial, there is an LCD where you can see your readings. They, on the other hand, require electricity to operate from an external source.

Level Gage

Level gages are instruments used to determine the height of liquid in large tanks such as boilers. It is attached to the side of the tank, parallel to it, to measure.

Depth Gage

Depth gage is an instrument that is used to measure the depth of holes and other machined cavities. This gage consists of an anvil, an indicating dial, and a probe assembly. These gages are also used to measure the tread depths of tires. Depth gages for sale are easily available online.

Plug Gage

It is a measuring instrument in the shape of a cylindrical bar which is used to check the accuracy of a hole. This is mainly used as a quick test to check whether the diameter of a hole is within the range of acceptance.

Force Gage

Also known as Load Gage, they are instruments that are used to measure the pounds or kilograms that is applied to an object during compressing or tension testing. They can be used to test a variety of objects, from small to big. For example, the force at which a door or window is shut and locked. Their readings are either in pounds or kilograms.

Profile Gage

These are instruments that help determine the flatness of surfaces. They help identify the roughness of a surface. Profile gages can be purchased in sets which will cover a variety of different sizes.

Thickness Gage

A thickness gage is an instrument that is used to measure the thickness of a material such as a wall thickness, paint thickness, etc. They have jaw-like calipers that are used to measure different materials and surfaces.

There is a wide range of these gages available in the market. These are a few that we may generally come across. They all have different uses and their part to play. These gages are available online if you wish to buy any.

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