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Some Important Tips For Finding A Reliable Holistic Doctor

Posted by brittanywolfenj in Health on January 27th, 2020

Over the years, many people have been turning towards functional medicine in Denver to cure their disease in a more wholesome manner. Functional medicine is a new way to treat diseases. It is unlike mainstream medicine that simply diagnoses the problem and treats it. Functional medical doctors consider the causes of the disease like genetics, family history, lifestyle, etc. and find solutions to treat the underlying cause of the disease to prevent it from recurring. This can be effective for chronic ailments like back pain, migraines, etc. If you are searching for a reliable functional doctor, you should consider patient reviews, the doctor’s experience, etc.

Tips To Find A Good Holistic Doctor
It shouldn’t be difficult to find a good functional medicine doctor that you can rely on. You can find a doctor if you check the following points:

1) Patient Reviews
The best way to find a good doctor is to look at patient reviews. You can start your search by asking the people you know who may have gone for functional medicine in Denver to treat their chronic back pain or other issues. If you don’t know anyone in your circle, you can look at online reviews. Other than Yelp and Google reviews, check RateMDs, Vitals, and HealthGrades. You can also read the testimonials provided on the clinic’s website.

2) Doctor’s Experience
Give priority to doctors who have been practicing in functional medicine for years over those who are relatively new to the field. Experienced doctors are likely to acquire more skills and knowledge needed to treat your disease. They tend to keep track of the ongoing research in the field to improve their skills and methods. They may recognize your symptoms sooner than new doctors and can suggest treatment accordingly.

3) Doctor’s Specialization
Functional medicine is a broad field that covers many types of diseases like cardiometabolic (diabetes, high blood pressure, other heart diseases), neurological (migraines), psychiatric (depression, ADHD), digestive (ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, acid reflux), skin disorders (acne, psoriasis), etc. Not every functional doctor specializes in all the fields. If you are suffering from musculoskeletal problems, you should search for a doctor who specializes in that field. You can find this info on their clinic website.

4) Clinic’s Location
You don’t always have to go to the other side of the country to find treatment for your disease. If you live in Denver, you should search for a holistic doctor in Denver. You should only consider traveling if the doctors in your locality aren’t able to treat you and recommend that you travel elsewhere.

5) Degrees
Medical practitioners cannot claim to be doctors without a medical degree granted by appropriate authorities to prove it. Some medical degrees that a functional medicine doctor may hold are as follows:
- Doctor of Medicine (M.D.): A primary medical degree.
- Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.): Another primary medical degree.
- Nurse Practitioner (N.P.): Granted to nurses.
- Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.): Granted to chiropractors.
- Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (N.D.): Granted to natural medicine doctors.

You can find out if the clinician holds any of the degrees above by searching their website or calling them.

6) Traits To Look Out For
A good holistic doctor doesn’t make grandiose promises. They diagnose you and set realistic expectations for your treatment. They don’t emphasize on costly procedures unless required. They listen to you attentively to find cures that suit your needs and make you feel comfortable. They prescribe simple solutions like changes to diet over complex ones unless needed. They usually specialize in chronic ailments.

In contrast, if your doctor prescribes costly procedures that may have side effects without explaining why, seems inattentive or makes you feel uncomfortable then you should go for a second opinion.

These are some points that will help you find a reliable holistic doctor in Denver. After booking an appointment, be honest about your problem, family history, lifestyle, budget, etc. so that the doctor can frame their treatment accordingly.


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