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When might the training intervention not work?

Posted by kabilan17 in Education on October 30th, 2018

A buzzword for today’s corporate world and a great solution for many organizational problems, a ‘training intervention’ might not always be the right choice. And when it is not the right solution, for sure, whichever one among the thousands of corporate training companies in India you choose the intervention won’t solve the problem. And thus, would be a total waste of all time, money and resources. So why not be aware of those times and save your own resources as well as those of the party?

Training is just one of the many solutions to performance problems in organizations. Often, companies look at symptoms and consider it to be the core problem that needs attention. However, there is usually some other invisible challenge at the fundamental level causing the symptoms to be there. For example, if a person is frequently having a cold and taking medicine for that. Will it solve his problem? Not always! He might be able to relax for a few days with that medication. But if he or she has a different core issue of weakness or any other virus infection, will the medicines solve his problem?

It doesn’t matter the city for which you are searching. You could be hiring for a corporate training in Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore or any other location, the intervention will not deliver the desired improvement and will cause a black mark on your reputation as a training provider. 

Not aware of benchmarks

When a student is not aware of the pass marks or even the total for our case, how are they going to do well? They might suppose that they are already doing great and need no improvement. During such times it is more important for the management to see whether there is clear communication about the expectations in terms of standards of quality and quantity. Without these standards, how can you say that the employees need training?

In such cases, it’s much better to improve your organization’s communication process and strategy. People might already have the skills but are not performing just because they are not aware that they should.

Rewards not linked to performance

How do you hope the training intervention to help if your employees don’t feel enough of motivation due to the absence of any kind of reward directly linked to the performance? Or worse, if employees are punished in some way when they perform?

When employees find performance to be more painful than non-performance in terms of they feeling less appreciated, or penalized, they are more likely to stay the same whichever type of training intervention is offered.

Resource unavailability

Too often organizations give goals, benchmarks and everything to the employees. But lack resources. At times, one can hope intelligent people to do jugaad and somehow compensate for the lacking resources. Not always! Firms must provide employees with the appropriate resources, tools, and support so that they are able to deliver to the expectations.

Huge capability gap

If employees have a certain degree of knowledge or skill gap training might help. But during times, when the job is too difficult for the employee due to lack of basic or fundamental information ‘that’ training might not be the right solution. You cannot teach algebra to a person who has not yet learned the numbers.

While most companies offering corporate training in Hyderabad, or any other city might choose to coach you deal even with the above kind of reasons it might not be the most efficient path as that too will be a cost for you. It’s usually better to improve on the above aspects through internal discussions and interventions before getting in touch even with a freelancer or one of the corporate training companies in India.


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