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Choosing the best Atomizer from the vapor cig store in Kolkata

Posted by cloudsofvape in Shopping on October 30th, 2018

Realizing the facts of the ill effects caused by the consumption of conventional cigarettes regularly, many people across the world are moving towards the consumption of e-cigarettes. The condition is no different in India, and there is overwhelmingly excellent statistics that suggest that the demand to buy vapor online in Kolkata and many parts of India is on a rise. An atomizer is the major portion of the vaping kit, and it is responsible for the production of the liquid vapour from the e-liquid present in the tank.

With many advancements in recent times, there are new designs of atomizer coming up in the market to give the best experience to the customers. The old basic atomizer is now fading out giving the path to the latest atomizer which is developed with the latest technologies. People are now moving to electronics atomizers that provide the instant vaping experience to the customers. Best electronics Cigarette shop in Kolkata often boasts with the best atomizers with them and hence it is important to know about different atomizers and choose them accordingly based on their requirements. There are mainly two types of atomizers in market namely: rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) and a rebuildable tank atomizer (RTA).

Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer (RDA): RDA is more suitable for the use among the hobby vapers i.e., who use Vape part-time. These hobbyists love to play with gadgets, are trying new methods with this new technology and constantly tweak their Vape kits to get the best experience every session. With RDA, the user will get the ability to open it for every few draws and refill with whichever liquid the user likes.

Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (RTA): RTA is more popular among the experienced users of vaping kits who use vapor kits regularly and have experienced almost all Vapes. Instead of direct dripping into the wick, the user can simply refill the tank every time the atomizer has run out, which makes it very simple and easy to use. The coil and wick will be in the middle of the tank and will soak up the liquid for the user. 

Though these two types have their own benefits, they have to be chosen based on the method of use and the requirements of the customer. So next time, when you look for vapor cig store in Kolkata, look into the best store that consists of the various types of Atomizers which are a crucial part of the vapor kits.


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