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A bed and breakfast Sidmouth you would love to visit again and again

Posted by abigaylemark in on August 17th, 2015

Even in a country as traditional as the United Kingdom, things have changed drastically in the recent past. Even the B&Bs, intrinsic to the culture of the country, have had facelifts to accommodate the demands of the modern customers. Yes, you still find those traditional B&Bs when you head out of the large cities, but some of them have made changes that will give you an excellent blend of the past and the contemporary. There is this bed and breakfast Sidmouth that perfectly fits this description. This B&B is actually a B&B alongside a countryside farm Sidmouth and you can experience everything British about this place.


Located in Pinn Barton, this countryside farm Sidmouth is a place where sheep and beef are farmed. Needless to say, this place is in the south-east of Devon. Before you even enter this bed and breakfast Sidmouth, you will be delighted by just doing nothing but gazing at the natural beauty of this place. This is unlike any other place you would have seen – rolling hills and a view of the sea. The place is simply amazing.


As far as this bed and breakfast Sidmouth is concerned, this place gives you more than you expect. But it is a B&B at the end of the day and you shouldn’t expect to have lunch or dinner in this establishment. But that is no worry because the entire area is dotted with excellent restaurants and pubs where you can have more than your fill.


What makes this bed and breakfast Sidmouth different is its 4-star accommodation. All the rooms are designed in the way a 4-star hotel would be designed. Apart from the excellent bed and bathroom, you get a microwave, a tea & coffee machine and a TV. Every day you get your fill of bottled water and fresh milk for consumption. The breakfast area is large where each dining table has a toaster. There is also a guest lounge where you can read. If you want internet, you can access Wi-Fi for free in most parts of this establishment. For relaxation, you just need to spend time in the beautiful garden.


The people who manage this countryside farm Sidmouth are among the most hospitable you will find. They are warm people who always flash brilliant smiles at you – a refreshing change from the city life. They know what you want as a guest and they are completely proactive in handling most of your requests.


Most importantly, this countryside farm Sidmouth gives you all the natural beauty you can absorb. If you are looking for an ideal weekend vacation, this is one place many would recommend and for good reasons. One weekend here and you will feel like coming back again and again.


Come to this countryside farm Sidmouth and become part of the country life of the United Kingdom. You will forget all your troubles of life by just spending time here and doing nothing. This bed and breakfast Sidmouth is bound to make you feel happier when you head home.


This bed and breakfast Sidmouth is unlike many that you would’ve come across. This countryside farm Sidmouth offers you those pleasures that you cannot get in a large city.


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