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Los Angeles Rams 19 , Oakland Raiders 15: Rebound

Posted by linchao in Sports on October 26th, 2018

 Well, that was better.After a paltry showing against the Baltimore Ravens in the preseason opener, the Los Angeles Rams rebounded to have a nice performance from the reserves in today’s 19-15 win over the Oakland Raiders.First and foremost, it was the Rams’ second-string offensive Greg Zuerlein Jersey line that really changed the early game action from a week ago. Whether it was the personnel changes (OT Cornelius Lucas out, rookie OL Joseph Noteboom in) or the difference between the Ravens’ starters and the Raiders’ backups on the D-line, the big boys up front for the Rams gave QB Sean Mannion much more time to operate today. And he looked much better as a result. Not sparkling, but better.Mannion’s day wasn’t overwhelming. A 47-yard toss to WR KhaDarel Hodge was impressive but moreso for the catch than a throw that was just a 50/50 ball. Aside from that long gain Authentic Tyler Higbee Jersey , Mannion was 9/15 for just 37 yards.As a preseason game played exclusively by backups between two teams that will face each other in Week 1 in the regular season, the playcalling was overwhelmingly lean.That helped things in the run game where rookie RB John Kelly again impressed. With RB Justin Davis sidelined with a hamstring tweak, Kelly took the majority of the work today and showed why many Rams fans are eager to see him get even more work finishing with 56 yards on 18 carries with a fluky touchdown on his own fumble recovery.Beyond that, the second half was mostly about the deep tail end of the roster. Not sure how relevant the majority of the gameplay was to anythign beyond September 1 when the Rams have to cut the roster down.Overall though, a good bounceback as the Rams prepare to get the starting lineups their only action of the preseason next Saturday against the Houston Texans.Los Angeles Rams at Oakland Raiders live gamethread The other day, I began to write a 2018 Los Angeles Rams season preview that morphed into about 5,000 words about the Vietnam War and the Iraq War and it was nonsense. But it got at the idea that there is a narrow band of success that defines modern efforts because of analysis oversaturation and the impossibility of defining the limits of what can be considered success in the modern era. And that that’s part of what makes sports so satisfying is its singular marker of success.A championship.Now yes Youth Michael Brockers Jersey , there is a tribe of teams that, in all sincerity, is not operating toward a championship. Well, that’s slightly misleading. They’re not operating toward a championship now. This season. But they are operating toward one...eventually. At some point. Maybe next year. And that means you have to work now to lay the foundation for that possible success later because the success isn’t coming now.But for many and in the case of the NFL perhaps most teams, the chances of winning a championship now, this season, are legitimate enough to entertain before the season begins. Before losses and injuries and mistakes turn those chances into memories. Many/most in this sport begin September believing.And because that belief is so legitimate , it becomes the fuel that keeps the flame burning throughout the calendar year.Turf Show Times started in 2006 amid the first season that I could feel the flame flickering out. The belief was dying.And for good reason.The 2007 Rams began a five-year run of what would become the worst five-year run in NFL history. Not a bad run. The worst.And I, like many other Rams fans, instead of being able to enjoy the belief that our team could actually win, could actually inherit the singular marker of success the sport provides meant we were forced to seek out other pockets of satisfaction. Other markers. Silver linings. Semi-victories.The flame was dead.Sean McVay took the job of the head coach of the Los Angeles Rams on January 12, 2017. He became the youngest head coach in the history of the NFL’s modern era. And he was nearly as immediately misunderstood as he was eventually successful because he is a millennial operating in an NFL power structure and traditional media environment largely run by Gen Xers and baby boomers.And it doesn’t matter.Sean McVay was named Head Coach of the Year in 2017. He was immediately sought out for counsel and input. His style is going to be mimicked. His to-the-end-of-the-clock communication with QB Jared Goff was widely derided and ridiculed by many last year. It’s going to replicated by many others.And it doesn’t matter.All that matters is the pursuit.And McBae has the Rams on the hunt.This year is going to be long. And tiring.There are going to be new fans. There are going to be trolls. That’s part of what comes with wins.It’s worth it.The Rams are back in the fold with the rest of the league’s franchises who provide their fan bases hope. Real hope. Sincere hope. Not a hope based on regurgitated talking points from the team and its employees. Not a hope based on the formulaic offseason hype from acolytes in the media.They’re back. And they’re giving real hope.There’s a singular marker ahead.And now the flame is back.Burn, motherfucker. Burn.



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