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Should You Choose Banks Oregon or Credit Unions?

Posted by gabrielfulton in Finance on October 25th, 2018

This is by far one of the most important questions that you need to ask yourself before asking for assistance from banks Oregon. Even if you might believe that banks in Portland Oregon want to offer you the best services, you might want to do some research first.

Here are a few basic facts that you need to know, starting with the one regarding interest rates. Most certainly, if someone asks you whether banks or credit unions are more reliable from this point of view, many individuals will say that the first option is best. Why? This is just what they were convinced of due to the many marketing campaigns that have managed to make people believe facts that are not actually true. The truth is that credit unions have lower interest rates, even if it might sound too good to be true.

We are talking about an organization that was built as a community of members. As long as you join, you will be one of the co-owners of the credit union and will benefit from a vast array of advantages that you would not be able to experience otherwise. When dealing with banks Oregon, the situation is by far, more unpleasant than you might expect. The reason? The consultants that work here act is if they do not need you and that if they offer you assistance and the option to benefit from one of their services, you are privileged.

Even if this is not true, that is exactly how you feel when you are their client. At the same time, you might want to keep in mind the fact that you will have to meet some strict requirements to actually get a loan request approved. The situation is not the same with credit unions. Here, policies are a bit more flexible and even if your credit score is in worse shape than you knew, the consultants you meet will offer you valuable advice on how to improve it in a short period of time.

This way, you will be able to apply for the loan you need and get it approved in no time. If you are wondering why the consultants that work here are polite and friendly with members, there are a few reasons. One of them would be the fact that they are not stimulated by any level of commission, as bank professionals are. Their mission is to offer you a quality level of service that will make them an essential part of the community.

When you are ready to get a loan, you have to find out more about your options first. Where should you go now that you know you need funds to turn your plan into reality? The smartest idea you could have would be to forget about banks in Portland Oregon. If your credit score is not perfect, they will not help you. Or, if they do decide to offer you the “honor” of being their client, you will be required to pay high interest rates that will turn these monthly payments into a real burden.

It would be best to stick to your local credit union and the various services that they have to offer. When talking about needing a larger loan, this is the best way to go because your monthly payments will end up being more than affordable. Also, you will have access to a variety of resources that will help you get in control of your finances as well as learn how to prevent any unpleasant situations such as getting into more debt than you already are.

If you find it hard to make a decision at this point, you should consider visiting the websites of a bank and a credit union and compare the services that they have to offer. You can learn so much from this experience! There is a lot of information available on their sites, including regarding the interest rates that you can benefit from. If one of them does not offer you even the minimal amount of information you need in this case, it means that they have something to hide. Usually, banks act like this and instead of providing useful details, they ask you to leave your name and number so that they can call you.

As you can clearly see, the obvious choice would be to stay away from banks Oregon and rely on credit unions. Visit our website so that you can see the differences between our financial organization and banks in Portland Oregon!


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