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Piano Lessons Letchworth: A Close-Up of the Curriculum

Posted by abigaylemark in Arts on January 31st, 2016

Music is perhaps the most apt expression of human emotions of all the available arts practicable. The riot of conflicting and converging emotions in the heart comes out fluidly through melodious compositions. While most youths turn to guitar as a channel of fulfilling their interests, piano is less pedestrian and very unique in ways more than one. With the help of piano lessons Letchworth, anybody can grow proficient in the art. All piano classes are spearheaded by a piano teacher Hitchin who impart theories first and train the students. 

The course curriculum is disintegrated into three different standards that are set on the skills and learning capabilities of the students. The three basic lessons available with most schools are basic or beginner, intermediate and finally advanced, that are for veterans. Curriculums of each of the piano lessons Letchworth are different, but have similar break-ups. They all start with the elementary part of the lesson where the class is introduced to the chords and fingering exercises are taught to build the agility.

Proper sitting postures and hand postures are taught among the basic education. Intermediaries are taught how to write songs and some classes are specially devoted for ear training. Those in the advanced level are given a formal introduction to key names, chord progressions and inversions. Aside, they are also taught to play ascending and descending scales, technically called Glissando.

The second stage is theoretical and what’s taught at all levels is exclusively textual. Beginners are taught how to read a music sheet, understand the piano intervals, record vale exercises and learn more about octaves and intervals. The same if taught at an secondary level to the intermediaries. The class is taught more on reading and building chords and pinao charts. Rests and tied notes are explained too. The advanced classes, in mean time, move to learning dotted notation, Circle of 5th, dynamic markings and time signatures, only the firsts.

A piano teacher Hitchin starts taking extra care at the bottom levels and those below the theory lessons. The next class is for counting and that goes pretty much the same on all levels of the lesson. Here the students are taught all about counting all sorts of piano lessons, quarter, half and whole notes, 8th and 16th notes and triplets too. With each course, the students are taken deeper into the art form. In the subsequent classes, the students are taught all about piano covers, scales, modes and solos. In the last and final section of the course, the students are each given a project to develop a piano solo and for lesser levels, play a solo. Students of advanced courses are allowed to improvise as much as possible to keep the tune uniform to create a sonorous piece.

Looking for piano lessons Letchworth to polish your skills or learn to play? We are a school of piano lessons helping students learn under the guidance of a qualified piano teacher Hitchin 


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