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Everything You Need To Know About Hair Growth Treatment Big Spring

Posted by bodyfocusspa in Health on January 16th, 2020

Hair loss or alopecia is a common problem for both men and women alike. It can affect just the scalp or at times even the entire body. Baldness usually refers to an immoderate amount of hair loss from the scalp wherein hereditary is the most common underlying cause. While some may choose to leave it untreated, others seek out treatments to prevent further loss of hair and restore the growth. Before looking into the available hair loss cure Midland, it is crucial to understand the major causes of hair loss.

Hair Loss Cure Midland


What Causes Hair Loss?

Even though research hasn’t fully been able to establish the exact cause, usually, hair loss occurs when there is a disruption in the natural growth cycle and shedding. In such situations, the hair follicles would also suffer damaged and undergo replacement by scar tissues. The root cause of such loss could be hormonal changes, heredity, medical conditions or certain medications. Poor nutrition, stress, and age are also notable risk factors.

Treatment Options

Effective hair growth treatment Big Spring is available for some types of hair loss. The most suitable treatment option would aid in slowing down the thinning process or reverse the hair loss. Also, it is important to know that with certain conditions like alopecia areata (causes patchy hair loss), hair can regrow within a year without the need for any treatment.

Treatment for hair regrowth Odessa TX includes medications, steroid injections, surgery, and laser therapy. Your dermatologist would diagnose your condition and then recommend the best possible solution.

1. Medication

In cases where the hair loss results due to an underlying disease, treating the disease becomes crucial. However, if a certain medication is a major cause of hair loss, your doctor may advise you to stop the medication for at least three months to see visible results. To treat pattern baldness, medications are available including Minoxidil, which is an over-the-counter medication and Finasteride, a prescription drug for men. Several other oral medication options are also available for both men and women, which a dermatologist might recommend upon thorough diagnosis.

2. Hair Transplant Surgery

In cases of permanent hair loss, hair transplant surgery can prove rather beneficial. For the transplantation procedure, tiny patches of skin containing one or several hairs would undergo removal from the donor area. At times, the expert can also take a larger skin strip consisting of numerous hair groupings. Next, the dermatologist transplants hair follicles into the bald sections. This treatment option for hair loss cure Midland can be expensive but offers desired results.

3. Laser Therapy

Low-level laser equipment approved by the Food and Drug Administration has gained widespread popularity as a treatment option for hereditary hair loss for both men and women. As per research, the treatment can help improve the hair density but there is a need for more studies to prove long-term effects.

To know more about the treatment of hair regrowth Odessa TX, you can visit Body Focus Spa, a popular clinic for the concerned treatment.

Summary: If you hope to regrow your hair, consulting a primary care provider for hair loss cure Midland would be advisable to discuss the treatment options along with its pros and cons in detail.



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